LA Life: Pershing Ice, Stars Hollow, Candles and Gold

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Holy Moly Tomatoes!  Tell me it isn’t true that Thanksgiving is almost here!  Whether you are ready or not, (I’m not!), the holiday season is at our door!  And so it begins with The Pershing Square Ice Rink opening and the annual super-duper sale of high-end candles and gifts opening at the D&L Company Warehouse.  “Gilmore Girls” fans can celebrate the beginning of the holiday season and the arrival of the new “Gilmore Girls” series on Netflix with “The Festival of Four Seasons” on the set of the popular show. And if all the talk of holidays is just too much for you to digest right now, might I suggest a “Shimmer of Gold”?

Now – January 16. Pershing Square

homeslideshow_11I know it sounds crazy that the DTLA Holiday Ice has opened because our warm weather is soooo misleading but So Cal temps don’t stop the Pershing Square Ice Rink from being anything but festive and beautiful.   And a rink is a nice way to ring…in the season tomatoes. See that! I rhymed…kind of.

Open every day, The Pershing Square Ice Rink is a magical winter wonderland in the heart of historic Downtown Los Angeles and this City’s largest outdoor rink. If you are a tomato of a certain age and worried about the possible breakage of a hip, don’t worry, there is plenty else to do to get you in the Holiday spirit.

November 19-20. Stars Hollow in LA

poster4-2-663x1024And what better way to get in the holiday spirit than to visit a small quaint Connecticut village transported to LA all bedazzled and adorned for Christmas. The “Festival of the Four Seasons” is all new and ready for LA tomatoes to experience the charm of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore’s quaint hometown of Stars Hollow while celebrating the return of the “Gilmore Girls” series. Hey, you will actually get to sample Luke’s Diner Coffee and Miss Patty’s Founder Day’s Punch and much more gals.

And of course, the town’s shops will be open.  Entrance is FREE but reservations are an absolute must.  Early birds get the worm because reservations do not guarantee you will get in.  Hint Hint tomatoes.

The reboot of the Gilmore Girls series “A Year in the Life” on Netflix premiers on November 25 so I know many of you Gilmore Girls’ fans will be cozing up on Thanksgiving Weekend to watch the three generations of Gilmore women and where they are now. And a yahoo for the star Lauren Graham and the producer Amy Sherman Palladino who are both tomatoes now.  Welcome to the club ladies!

Now-Dec. 16. Shop Candles

candlesTis the season to shop candles tomatoes for yourself and others ladies.  The D&L Company Warehouse Holiday Sale is a one-stop-shop sample sale event with discounted unique and quality candles and home gifts of all kinds. Certainly makes for an easy shopping experience and great chance to get a jump on your holiday gifting.

It’s only once a year gals when you can get up to 70% off at D&L Company! I like them apples, don’t you tomatoes? 1…2…3…GO!

Now till Jan. 8. Shimmer of Gold

madonna_crop_wide_x1024If you missed the Super Moon this might suffice ladies.  Italian Renaissance master painter Giovanni di Paolo was very fond of gold ladies, like us, and his creative use of it and paint achieved marvelous luminous effects. His distinctive, whimsical and inventive style made him one of the most important artists of his time. “The Shimmer of Gold: Giovanni di Paolo in Renaissance Siena“, di Paolo’s gilded 6-foot depiction of the Virgin cradling a large baby Jesus, is now at the Getty Center for your viewing. And it is part of a very special conservation effort. That IS what the Getty does best ladies. Bravo!

Why is this piece and exhibition so important tomatoes? Over the centuries, many of the elaborate altarpieces of Renaissance art were dismantled and dispersed into public and private collections around the world. Some sections disappeared altogether. So yes, it is an awesome occasion when museums put back together even some pieces of these incredibly important and stunning artworks, as the J. Paul Getty Museum has done in “Shimmer of Gold: Giovanni di Paolo in Renaissance Siena.” And this exhibition reunites five sections of the Branchini Altarpiece, by Giovanni. There are many really wonderful ancillary events surrounding this exhibit, as well, that are worth checking out.  What a joy to have this exhibit in LA tomatoes.


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