LA LIFE: Shamrocks, Home Tour, People & Pups, Nature Fest

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Top o’ the Mornin’ to ya tomatoes! Tomorrow every Tomato and Bloke is Irish and you won’t be able to turn a corner where there isn’t a St. Patricks Day celebration, but I found a very heartwarming way to spend the day with Golden Retrievers. Pasadena Heritage is welcoming spring with their “Pasadena Spring Home Tour: Better Homes and Gardens”.  The Natural History Museum is also welcoming spring too by hosting a weekend of getting up close and personal with nature in LA.  I’m giving a big shout out to LA based “People and Pups.” An absolute MUST SEE Tomatoes. I hope the next week blesses you with a twinkle to your eye and a song in your heart Tomatoes.

March 17. Yappy Hour!

LA LIFE: Shamrocks, Home Tour, People & Pups, Nature Fest

Join “Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue” for loads of fun, licks, petting and treats  at the “Just Food For Dogs”  kitchen in Sherman Oaks. Bring yourself, your friends and your pup children for an undoubtedly enjoyable Yappy Hour for pet lovin’ Tomatoes.

Meet the adorable adoptable dogs from So Cal Golden Retriever Rescue looking for a forever home and mingle with other Pet Parents. During “Yappy Hour” you can talk to onsite nutrition consultants about your dog. They will also be providing fresh Surf and Turf samples, treats and water for the doggies and light appetizers and refreshments for doggie parents.  Guests will receive a JFFD goodie bag and a limited-edition St Patrick’s Day Bandana! Plus, a chance to enter a FREE Raffle at the event! Get your tickets.

People and Pups                                             

LA LIFE: Shamrocks, Home Tour, People & Pups, Nature Fest

And speaking of pups, I was on Facebook the other day, and lo’and behold’, I spotted one of my favorite people, Mariko Ballentine, in a video about her doggie, Sammy.  Well, of course, anything to do with doggies or pets sparks my immediate attention but a post about one of my peeps and her precious doggie stopped me in my tracks.  The video interview is refreshing, insightful, adorable and part of the LA based web series “People and Pups.”  It’s addictive and fantastic Tomatoes!

The series can brighten even the worst day. Clare Salstrom (host/producer, animal advocate/professional actress) and Heather Schmidt (director/producer, concert pianist/writer & director) are the genius & talented angels behind People and Pups. The videos are interviews, you guessed it, with not just people but people and their Pups.  I LOVE this series and I know Tomato pet lovers will adore it like me.  You see interviews about big dogs, little dogs, Huskies, Chihuahuas, mixed breeds, shelter puppies, Dobermans, Labs, adopted dogs, cute pups, serious canines, and everything in between, and the very special people who love them. A talk show where dog owners share about their pets’ unique and wonderful traits, stories and history.

You will find yourself addicted with a fresh new way to escape the stress of any day.  Check it out Tomatoes. And of course, my favorite is Mariko and her dog Sammy episodes 1-3 . Their relationship and its evolution is very special. And we cannot forget Marikos’ other pet child Riley so watch the “Equal Rights” episode about Mariko’s other pet child, Riley. Bravo to the creators of “People and Pups” and all the wonderful humans and doggies that make this series so great.

March 25. Pasadena Spring Home Tour

LA LIFE: Shamrocks, Home Tour, People & Pups, Nature Fest

There is a plethora of architectural gems from a variety of era’s in Pasadena but the Pasadena Heritage Spring Home Tour: Better Homes and Gardens will highlight the historic homes and gardens inspired by the iconic Better Homes and Gardens magazine established in 1922.  You won’t have to invade anyone’s privacy Tomatoes.  The tour includes the private interiors of these architectural and landscape design gems, so no need to peek in any windows. Yippee!

The homes presented on the tour span more than 130 years. It’s a drive-yourself tour from 9am to 4pm with each of the 6 locations having experienced docents guiding the tour. From “curb appeal” to private interiors, visitors will enjoy places that clearly demonstrate the beauty of indoor-outdoor living blended seamlessly together. Purchase your tickets in advance to get a cheaper price. Tomatoes.  Way cool ladies.

March 17 & 18.  Nature Fest

LA LIFE: Shamrocks, Home Tour, People & Pups, Nature Fest

The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles’ “Nature Fest” is back for the 4th year in a row with a chance to explore, learn and interact with nature in their wonderfully beautiful nature gardens.  These gardens are a great place to destress but are also chock full of wonderful surprises, discoveries and education that the Nature Fest will explore Tomatoes.

Scientists and wildlife experts will be your guides and lead you through both days of information, activities, tips, walks and workshops with over 30 exhibitors, live animal presentations, and stage performances. The Nature Fest is great for your kiddos, grandkids, nieces, nephews …adults…Tomatoes…you get the picture.  What a lovely way to commune with nature gals. 

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