LA LIFE: TV Addicts Opinion, Rembrandt, Hammer Forum, Undressed, Bird Walk

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LA LIFE: TV Addicts Opinion, Rembrandt, Hammer Forum, Undressed, Bird Walk

I hope the cover photo with my grand dog Bruce social distancing on my patio gives you a giggle, Tomatoes.  Got to find humor wherever we can these days.  As we bid farewell to July and welcome in August, this TV Addict has some binge-worthy TV to recommend. Powerhouse Museums in SoCal have joined forces to bring you an incredible virtual tour of Rembrandt.  The “Hammer Forum” really gets you thinking about the big issues facing us today.  There’s a doozy of a podcast series from the amazing Mojo Recovery Specialist. Bird Walks are limited right now, but you can still connect to nature & birds with the Natural History Museum’s Virtual Bird Walk. And you’ll love this week’s 3T Happy Hour Podcast with an amazing female entrepreneur.  Stay safe, smart, healthy and focused on the blessings in your life.

TV Addicts Opinion

LA LIFE: TV Addicts Opinion, Rembrandt, Hammer Forum, Undressed, Bird Walk

All I can say, Tomatoes is that “Hannah” Season 1 and the new Season 2 rocks big time as well as the dames starring in it.  I’ve always loved Amy Schumer but after watching her doc “Expecting Amy” I have the utmost respect for her as a courageous woman.  “After Life”, a British Black comedy, is perfectly done in the only way the Brits can tackle the topic.  Get my picks.

The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Podcast

This week’s guest is creator, artist, fashionista and black female entrepreneur, Amber Richele. Her tie dye clothing capsules took off at the beginning of the Pandemic and then when the world rallied around the BLM movement, she could barely keep up with all the orders. A true Instagram success story. Listen in as Amber shares how she got started with help from her family. LISTEN IN HERE.

Rembrandt in SoCal Virtual Tour

LA LIFE: TV Addicts Opinion, Rembrandt, Hammer Forum, Undressed, Bird Walk

The Rembrandt in So Cal Virtual Tour” is online exhibition exploring the works of … yes, I’ll say it again…Rembrandt in Southern California with 14 celebrated paintings from five museums. Tomatoes can enjoy the Dutch master’s paintings from home which promises to be an artistic feast for the eyes. 

The Rembrandt in So Cal Virtual Tour is a collaboration between LACMA, the Hammer Museum, the Getty Museum, the Norton Simon Museum and the Timken Museum. Holy Moly!  That’s some collaboration!  They have teamed up to create a single resource virtual exhibition that presents all of the Rembrandt paintings in the area with high resolution and in more detail than ever before. That deserves a “Wow”, Tomatoes!

Aug 4. The Hammer Forum

LA LIFE: TV Addicts Opinion, Rembrandt, Hammer Forum, Undressed, Bird Walk

The Hammer Museum hosts The Hammer Forum, which is a free ongoing series of panel discussions, with esteemed leaders in their field, that tackle a wide variety of timely, thought-provoking topics that addresses current social and political issues. That’s a mouthful. Next up, and this will really get you thinking Tomatoes, “Faithless Electors and the Will of the People”.

Moderator and Loyola Law School professor Jessica Levinson leads discussion on this topic. No worries if you miss it, Tomatoes.  All Hammer Forums are recorded, and the recordings are available shortly after. For instance, past forums include topics like, Checks, Balances & the Future of the Consumer Financial Bureau, Scotus Protects LGBT Rights in the Workplace and the future of DACA. Tomatoes can explore all the available Hammer Forum Discussion, in the past and present by clicking on Calendar to the left of screen and picking a date as far back as you want. The Hammer Forum is such an educational gift to Angelinos.  It’s an excellent time to learn more about the issues that face us, Tomatoes. 

The REAL Undressed Podcast Sass, Sex, Spirit

LA LIFE: TV Addicts Opinion, Rembrandt, Hammer Forum, Undressed, Bird Walk

Dynamic speaker, author and Mojo Recovery Specialist, Deborah Kagan, has a wonderful and exciting new endeavor she is hosting and producing, “The REAL Undressed Podcast, Sass, Sex, Spirit”. The title certainly caught my attention as Deborah and Tomatoes, are definitely sassy, sexy and full of spirit the podcast will leave you ready to rock your mojo. It’s worth a looksee, Tomatoes.

The REAL Undressed brings you thought provoking, juicy and inspiring conversations with brilliant experts in their field that will, also, make you laugh, expand your consciousness and even bring your sexy back. Each episode peels back the layers on what it means to live deeply connected to your spirit AND your sex.  You can listen at your leisure to such podcasts as Maintaining Mojo During Covid, Sex, Pleasure and Eros-Medicine for Mind and Body, Dismantling Ego and Awakening the Spirit, Disrupting the Vagina Conversation and Self Love 101…just to name a few.  There is a plethora of available episodes to choose from and listen to, so there are most certainly several that will ring your bell, Tomatoes.

LA Virtual Bird Walk

LA LIFE: TV Addicts Opinion, Rembrandt, Hammer Forum, Undressed, Bird Walk

Yep, Tomatoes, the Natural History Museum has a virtual L.A. Bird Walk for you with their Ornithology Collections manager Kimball Garrett as your guide.  You can explore and enjoy the beauty of Juniper Hills and Rock Creek and all its sights and sounds and the special birdies that reside there, Tomatoes.

What a wonderful way to connect with nature without sweating or needing a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen and mosquito repellant.  Sit back, relax, have a bite or a cocktail or both while you enjoy the out of doors scenery without a mask, Tomatoes.

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