LA LIFE: Vote, Music, Boo-Tanicum, Trick or Treat, Spiders

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LA LIFE: Vote, Music, Boo-Tanicum, Trick or Treat, Spiders

Happy Halloween, Tomatoes.  But OMG! On Sunday we set our clocks back! Just can’t quite grasp that. But what I can grasp is that Pittance Chamber Music is finally back and hosting the Modern Beauty series.  Something wicked is coming your way, and it’s called Boo-Tanicum Zoom-Tanicum. The Theodore Payne Foundation Nursery is providing a fab, unique and green way of trick or treating. If you really want to get creepy, there are spiders in the house at NHM. Check out this week’s podcast with great zoom advice from Jane Hanson (9-time Emmy winning TV journalist. And if you haven’t already done so… Vote, Vote, Vote.

 November 3. Rock the Vote

LA LIFE: Vote, Music, Boo-Tanicum, Trick or Treat, Spiders

No matter what your political persuasion, if you have not cast your ballot  yet, please “Be A Voter” and Rock the Vote Tuesday. I recently had a reason to answer the important question, “Why I Vote”. Well…I vote because it is a sacred, cherished and hard won right for me and every American to vote. It humbles me and brings me joy to exercise that right in every election, especially, as a woman.

The Suffragettes fought with every fiber of their being for almost 100 hundred years to finally win the right to vote in 1920.  No matter what your political party, as women, we must honor those who fought for the right to vote relentlessly. “Be a Voter” to make our Founding Fathers, the Suffragettes and anyone who has been denied the right to vote…proud. Be a Voter and make your voice heard. And you can do it safely with a mask. 

The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Podcast

What an informative (and fun) conversation we had with nine-time Emmy Award winning TV journalist Jane Hanson. An NBC anchor for years, and now a communications consultant and host of Curious Jane, she shares some priceless advice we have not heard anywhere else on how to not only look your best on zoom, but even more importantly how to connect and communicate effectively. LISTEN IN.

November 1, 8 and 15. Modern Beauty

LA LIFE: Vote, Music, Boo-Tanicum, Trick or Treat, Spiders

Hallelujah, Pittance Chamber Music is finally back!  “Modern Beauty” is a new series with three newly-recorded broadcasts that features Grammy winning pianist, Gloria Cheng.  Cheng will be joined by bassoonist Judith Farmer in a performance of Billy Childs’s Sonata for Bassoon and Piano. It is hard to believe this is their first performance since last spring, Tomatoes, so don’t miss the opportunity.

Aren’t we lucky? Modern, new chamber music is the focus of the program that was originally scheduled for April 2020.  An interview with the composer and the artists will precede the performance. The event will air on their website and also can be viewed by Facebook followers on Facebook Live, as an interactive FB Premieres event. What a lovely way to enter November Tomatoes.

October 31. Boo-Tanicum Zoom-Tanicum

LA LIFE: Vote, Music, Boo-Tanicum, Trick or Treat, Spiders

Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum’s creepiest company members are gathering on Zoom this Halloween to share some really spooky stories. You can enjoy festive fiction for all ages and it doesn’t stop there. Stick around for some truly haunting tales. What a clever and fun way to enjoy Halloween, Tomatoes.

Stories at the beginning of the performance will be geared toward younger audiences, and later stories will be for those looking to be scared. The performers will make an announcement before each story, so people know what level of scary to expect. What fun! And the tickets are free Tomatoes.  Yay!

Oct 31. Theodore Payne Nursery Trick or Treating

LA LIFE: Vote, Music, Boo-Tanicum, Trick or Treat, Spiders

Trick or treating may be canceled this year, but not at The Theodore Payne Foundation for Wildflowers and Native Plants. Everyone is invited to visit and wear their favorite costume on Halloween. And, if you do so, you’ll receive a free packet of California poppy seeds, something sweet & tasty and a gift certificate. Woo Hoo!

Whoever wears a costume on Halloween day will receive a $50 gift certificate in the mail. 50 bucks to be used at The Theodore Payne Nursery could go a long way to sprucing up your garden with native plants, Tomatoes. I love that! Theodore Payne has reopened to the public for Thursday – Saturday just in time for fall planting season.  Tomatoes must register for a shopping slot first and select the date and time that suits you best.  And the same if you want to take advantage of the Trick or Treating on Halloween day. Only 1 reservation per family of 4 is needed.    Have at it, Tomatoes!

Till November 29. Spiders in the House

LA LIFE: Vote, Music, Boo-Tanicum, Trick or Treat, Spiders

Spider Pavilion season is officially here! It just opened and now you can walk among eight-legged creatures and their magnificent webs in this wonderful open-air experience. For some this might be the perfectly scary place you are looking for this Halloween Season, but it can also be perfectly delightful to observe these fascinating, shy and fragile creatures, Tomatoes.

A spider’s web can be a complete marvel of engineering and surprisingly beautiful. You’ll see a variety of spectacular webs as well as a plethora of different kinds of spiders in their habitats at The Spider Pavilion. Educators will also be on hand to answer your questions and you might be surprised to learn how beneficial spiders can be. And you might also be surprised that spiders might not be as scary as you think.  I dare you to go, Tomatoes!

Join Us Sunday Night at 4 PM for a LIVE Book Celebration

LA LIFE: Vote, Music, Boo-Tanicum, Trick or Treat, Spiders

We’re so excited to announce the release of our latest author, Carol Ostrow’s wonderful book of poems. Join us this Sunday night, November 1st at 4 PM EST for a celebration and a chance to meet Carol and hear her read some of her poems.

Watch on Facebook or YouTube.

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