LA Life: Zzyzx, Bungalow Heaven, The Zoo, and Pop-Up Art

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LA EnpassantWhat’s up tomatoes?! Well what’s up with me is the discovery of “Zzyzx”.  Yes, ladies, there is a place in California by that name.  How about a free intimate cultural experience tomatoes?  Checkout “LA En Rose”.  Head to the LA Zoo’s new event “Wild for the Planet”.  I am a huge fan of the Craftsman Bungalow and if you are too then there is a whole neighborhood in Pasadena called “Bungalow Heaven”.

April 24. Bungalow Heaven Annual Home Tour

LA Life: Zzyzx, Bungalow Heaven, The Zoo, and Pop-Up Art

Bungalow Heaven” is just that…Heaven…and Pasadena’s first landmark district.  This dreamy neighborhood is perfect for strolling and this Sunday you can stroll to your hearts delight experiencing one of the largest collections of Craftsman homes built anywhere in the US.  During your self-guided tour tomatoes, you will also get the opportunity to visit the interiors of several homes with the help of docents.  I love that tomatoes!

You’ll also be treated to refreshments, food trucks for lunch and demonstrations of restoration work.  If you tire of strolling ladies or want to know more, simply hop on the Bungalow Heaven Trolley for a narrated bus tour of the area. Enjoying a piece of paradise is a lovely way to spend a Sunday ladies.

April 30.  LA En Rose

LA Life: Zzyzx, Bungalow Heaven, The Zoo, and Pop-Up Art

This pop-up art exhibition, curated by JULIO PANISELLO, happens to feature LA 3T friend and fellow tomato/artist  Sarah Jennings, among other very talented artists. Sarah is one of ten selected artists to explore the color rose in this series of LA City streetscapes reflecting how the color spectrum of pinks connects the botanical and architectural elements of old and new Los Angeles.  Looking at the world…our LA world…so to speak…through rose colored glasses ladies.

The inspiration for this series is two-fold. Helen Lundeberg, renowned twentieth century artist, used variations of the color pink in some of her paintings to convey the atmospheric quality of light in the Southern California landscape. Her color palette reminded Mr. Panisello of the various shades of the Stargazer Lily, first bred in California in 1974 by Leslie Woodriff. And so we have “LA En Rose” tomatoes.

April 23 – May 15. Wild for the Planet.

LA Life: Zzyzx, Bungalow Heaven, The Zoo, and Pop-Up Art

Our wonderful LA Zoo is premiering this super cool new weekend event with lots of activities, entertainment and info on keeping our planet and all that live here safe for us and future generations.  Each weekend there’ll be something new. It’s for the kiddos or grand kiddos too with special animal feelings and zoo keeper talks. Neato!

The zoo has come up with all kinds of creative ways for everyone to learn about conservation and how to make a positive impact on the environment.  Hey, I hear there might be a puppet show too tomatoes.  I’m in.

Zzyzx CA

Formally known as Soda Springs, the town of Zzyzk (try saying that 3 times) is just like a mirage you see in the desert…in the movies. But Lake Tuendae in Zzyzk is a real oasis in the midst of a desolate desert. It is an amazing site to see the lake with many types of greenery, palm trees and wildlife thriving though it is surrounded by barren land. Zzyzk, just outside of Baker CA off the 15, is a perfect place for a picnic and break on the way to Las Vegas tomatoes.  I’m certainly glad I stopped there.

Zzyzx has had many different lives since 1944 but it is  now home to the  Cal State Desert Studies Center in the Mojave National Preserve.

Before it became Zzyzx, “Soda Springs” was a popular stop for Indians in search of fresh water. Then came Spanish explorers, a US Army outpost — Camp Soda Springs.  Later there were miners who harvested lake minerals, and then the railroad passed through.  In 1944 LA radio evangelist Curtis H. Springer, self-proclaimed minister and con man, named it “Zzyzx Mineral Springs and Health Resort”.  He was found out and the government grabbed it.


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