Life Lessons from the Dogs

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Everything you need to know about life,you can learn from your dog

bascomOne of Oprah’s many continuing themes was that we should live “in the moment”, a term that has always felt just a little too”new age-y to us, and one that always left us asking ourselves, now what truly does that mean?   But now that the weather’s finally nice, we’ve been taking our dog on long walks every day.  At first, it was so that we could get some much needed exercise and outdoor time, and so that he, still a puppy, would get a much needed outing that would calm him down.  But  as we’ve been walking with our canine companion, we’re learning a lot from him about really being “in the moment”, which is the only place where dogs live, and other great lessons that we’re trying to apply to life.

Dog Lessons for Uprights

life lessons from dogs

  1. Start every morning with huge enthusiasm. Leap in the air with joy, greet your loved ones like you haven’t seen them in weeks.  Take a healthy pee and poop and eat your breakfast. Then go for a nice walk.
  1. Greet every stranger you meet. Whether it’s in the elevator or out on the street, it’s amazing what a little wag and a smile can do to make a friend out of a stranger.
  1. Sniff a lot of butts. If you don’t get up close and personal sometimes, how are you ever going to really get to know someone else?
  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Okay, so it doesn’t have to be the nice cold water in the toilet bowl, but you get the point.
  1. Make time for play. What’s a day without some fun and playfulness?
  1. Stop and smell the roses.  And just about everything else, but remember that life is good and there are new experiences every day.
  1. Appreciate the ones you love. Greet them everyday like it’s the last time you’ll see them, and shower them with unbridled affection and unconditional love.
  1. Take a nap.  They’re good for you, really!
  1. Indulge yourself. A little forbidden treat, like a juicy steak once  in awhile couldn’t hurt, now could it?
  1. Live in the moment. And really, isn’t that all there is? The past is the past, and who wants to spend today worrying about tomorrow?  So enjoy every moment.

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