Live Theatre at Theatre 80 St Mark’s

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It’s happening. Slowly. The performance world is opening up, cautiously, as it should.

But how marvelous to know that there is movement toward enjoying the pleasure of live entertainment once again.

Last year, during the height of the pandemic, Food for Thought Productions provided an opportunity for a very small group of people to enjoy a show in a theatre, while others could view it online.

Kicking off their Spring 2021 season, they are doing it again.

Monday March 8, an audience of Covid tested individuals will be able to view two one-act plays celebrating Tennessee Williams. And in this new hybrid world, countless others can view it virtually.

Live Theatre at Theatre 80 St Mark's
Blanche Baker

The program features “Lifeboat Drill” by Williams starring Bob Dishy and Judy Graubart. That piece is followed by a parody of The Glass Menagerie titled, “For Whom the Southern Belle Tolls!” written by Christopher Durang and stars Blanche Baker, Jeremy Beck, Nathan Darrow and Darlene Hope.

The two one acts will be presented Monday March 8 from 2-4 PM at Theatre 80 St Mark’s. Limited tickets available in person. Zoom tickets are available as well.

Live Theatre at Theatre 80 St Mark's
Carroll Baker and Eli Wallach in the 1956 film “Baby Doll”

Following the show, there will be a talkback with the cast, Christopher Durang and special guest, iconic Hollywood star Carroll Baker, known for her ground-breaking role in Tennessee Williams’ “Baby Doll.”

For information on this program, go to ww.foodforthoughtproductions

Carroll is Blanche’s mother, and the two lovely and talented women are my special guests on this Sunday’s “Bagels and Broadway” radio show and podcast. Sunday from 2-3 on WNYM radio, available to hear on podcast following the broadcast.

Live Theatre at Theatre 80 St Mark's

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