How To Look Classy On A Budget

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By Scarlett Debease

If I were to be asked the following questions in an interview, and I have, here are the answers that will help every woman look classy on a budget.

What are 3 inexpensive ways to look classy and put together? 

  1. Wear clothes in the size you are now and not what you once were or want to be. Trust me, it’s worth the sacrifice.
  1. Wear pants that are properly hemmed, so they don’t drag on the floor or look like you walked thru a flood. You’ll even look thinner and taller.
  1. Wearing colors near your face that make your eyes sparkle and your skin not look yellow or green.

What are 3 pieces of clothing that every woman needs? 

  1. A proper fitting bra, so you are up where you belong with the bonus of having a more defined waistline.
  1. A pair of pants that are comfortable and visually make your bigger parts smaller and your legs look longer. YES, they exist.
  1. A handbag in a color, other than black, that doesn’t have any signs of wear and tear.

What’s one common misconception about looking classy & well put together?

The biggest misconception is thinking that it costs a lot of money to dress well and look classy. If a woman buys clothing that costs lots of money, but is in the wrong colors or fit, all she has are expensive mistakes hanging in her closet.

What shopping tip will help a woman look classy vs. a fashion victim?

Don’t Be A Slave To What’s “In”. Even if it is the color of the season, or the pant of the year, if the clothes do not work for your coloring or body type, they are NOT for you. It can be very aging when you try to follow a trend, regardless of whether it fits your body.

You don’t need a lot of time or money to love your wardrobe, all you need to know is what works for you and why.

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