Love Her, Love Her Not: The Hillary Paradox

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In a slightly different direction on this week’s Valerie’s Gallery, an excerpt from an interview with journalist, media consultant and author Helen Jonsen, one of the contributors of the new book,
“Love Her, Love Her Not: The Hillary Paradox” compiled by Joanne Bamberger.

Love Her, Love Her Not, the Hillary Paradox

The book examines the complicated and varied feelings and opinions about Hillary Clinton, as she runs a fervent race for the Democratic party nomination.

Helen examines the nuances of the Hillary Paradox. But first, our conversation begins with
her telling me about her background, and how she became involved with the book project.
Listen here:

The entire interview can be heard on the syndicated radio show,  “America Weekend with Valerie Smaldone…and Friends.”

Love Her, Love Her Not, the Hillary Paradox

For more information on Helen Jonsen, go to:
For more information on Joanne Bamberger and the book, visit:

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