Memo to Fashion Designers: Stop Making Us Look and Feel Ridiculous

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About a month before the world learned about what kind of power Harvey Weinstein really had over women in Hollywood, I began noticing more and more how designers were creating clothes for women that looked like they were ripped off their bodies.

I’ve been holding on to some photos of clothes I found while shopping for my clients, that I didn’t quite know what to with, but now that it’s trending to get the truth about these roach like men out into the open and under the spotlight, I want to share my ranting thoughts and photos with you.

Memo to Fashion Designers: Stop Making Us Look and Feel Ridiculous

Look at this shirt missing part of one sleeve. Doesn’t it look like someone tore it off?

How about these pants?

Memo to Fashion Designers: Stop Making Us Look and Feel Ridiculous

If a woman walked into a police department wearing any of these ridiculously designed clothes, they would have to assume she was attacked.

Isn’t it bad enough that far too many women got sexually harassed, bullied and intimidated by men?

Now we have designers creating clothes that, in my opinion, are mocking being abused and taking being a fashion victim to a whole new level.

Listen up designers and retailers: women deserve designs and clothes that are flattering, professional, comfortable and affordable. Not, laughable, appalling and trivializing abuse.

We do not deserve clothes that mock and marginalize us. We deserve respect and dignity, and if we can’t get it from some men, we should at least get it from those who design the clothes we wear.

As consumers, we need to tell stores why we’re not buying, or even bothering to try to shop for clothes. Most of my clients hated, and I mean HATED, shopping for clothes. They used to find it frustrating, money wasting and a major confidence booster.

Recently I contacted the store manager of a local department store I typically take my clients to when shopping for clothes. I needed to give her my feedback, because I was getting unhappy with the styles and low inventory of larger sizes they were recently carrying.

She heard me and took notes, as she knows I am in tune to what the women I work with need, want and how to get them to go from hating clothes shopping to actually enjoying stepping in to a store.

P.S. My opinion is not stuffy, old-fashioned or out of touch because I’m over 50. I wouldn’t want my daughter or any young woman to dress in clothes that look like these. Would you?

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2 Responses

  1. Dear Ms De Bease: I am a clothing designer who believes in the beauty and individuality of the women I adore dressing. For many years I’ve been lucky enough to gather a growing community of women – and their stylists – who come for their clothes. My tag line is ‘Beautiful clothes, in your size.” My pieces look quite different from those you have photographed. I invite you to come to my store – 125 E 47th St and check out my site:

  2. Scarlett says:

    Oh Gabrielle I love your tag line. And mission.
    I look forward to visiting your store next time I’m in the city.

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