Memoirs, Novels, and a Book that’s Inspiring a Movement

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We have a trio of book suggestions today that have absolutely nothing in common, but each has a compelling reason why you’ll want to pick it up.  “Pound for Pound” tells the very personal story of a young woman who suffered from bulimia and the shelter dogs that saved her, and she’s on a mission to save them. “On the Run in Beverly Hills” is a fun read to pack in your beach bag, and it features 3 funny, sexy, heroines who just happen to be in their sixties.  And “Everyday Sexism” is shocking in the powerful picture it presents of the sheer scale of gender inequality.

Every Dog Lover Should Read This Book

Memoirs, Novels, and a Book that’s Inspiring a Movement

In Pound for Pound, Shannon Kopp has written a beautiful, shockingly honest, and inspiring memoir on her struggle with bulimia and the shelter dogs who saved her.  Shannon spent many years working for and volunteering in animal shelters in Southern California in both non-kill shelters and sadly shelters that do put down dogs they can’t find homes for.  Her story and the stories of some of the ill-fated dogs are often hard to read, but in the end will inspire you. If you’ve ever loved a dog, you know their healing powers.  Shannon is on a mission to save shelter dogs everywhere, especially the much maligned pit bulls.  Get the book.

Finally, a Novel with Tomato Heroines

Memoirs, Novels, and a Book that’s Inspiring a Movement

So when’s the last time you picked up a novel about women, friendships, love, and fun, and the main characters are women in their sixties? That’s what we thought.  So congrats to our tomato pal Nancy Deville, for writing “On the Run in Beverly Hills”, a fun engaging novel –  a great beach read – that features three funny, sexy BBFs from Beverly Hills who suddenly find themselves husbandless, homeless, and broke.  You’ll love this fun tale and these three dynamic smart, sexy tomatoes.  Get the book.

The Pervasiveness of Sexism

Memoirs, Novels, and a Book that’s Inspiring a Movement

While women have made great strides, it’s a sad fact of life that sexism is still alive and well, and often so ingrained in our societies we don’t even notice it. From being harassed and wolf-whistled at on the street, to discrimination in the workplace and serious sexual assault, it is clear that sexism had become normalized.  That was what Laura Bates, a young woman in London was feeling when she founded “The Everyday Sexism Project” which has become a global movement.  Over 100,000 women in 30 countries have shared their stores and the scale of sexism in everyday society is shocking.  The book, “Everyday Sexism” shares some of the shocking results of the project and it’s a wakeup call to starting this important conversation and inspiring women to lead real change.  Get the book.

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