Michelangelo:  Divine Draftsman and Designer at the MET

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by Miriam Silverberg

Michelangelo:  Divine Draftsman and Designer at the MET

Michelangelo:  Divine Draftsman and Designer, is on view at the Metropolitan Museum until February 12.  It is really beautiful.  133 of his drawings, 3 marble sculptures, his earliest painting and his wood architectural model for a chapel vault.  There  are also many works by his teachers, associates, pupils and artists who were influenced by him or who collaborated with him,  for comparison and context.

A  towering genius, Michelangelo was celebrated for his power of drawing and invention that provided the foundation for all the arts,  For his mastery of drawing, design, sculpture, painting and architecture, he was called the divine one by his contemporaries.  This exhibition brings together the largest group of original drawings by Michelangelo ever assembled.

Many rank among the greatest works of draftsmanship produced.  Drawing was the first thing he turned to, whether he was creating a painting, sculpture or architecture, and it is what unified his career.  We can see him thinking—almost having a conversation on the sheet of paper—and there is a sense of intimacy and immediacy, as if looking over his shoulder.

This is an exhibit that is truly worth seeing.

Miriam Silverberg is a freelance journalist and owner of Miriam Silverberg  Associates, a boutique publicity agency in Manhattan.  She may be reached at silverbergm@mindspring.com.


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