Money Saving Travel Tips

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Money Saving Travel Tips

Travel is expensive, we all know that. However, we veterans know how to save, even if our behavior is a little out there.  I took a look through cash expenses for 2017 and came up with the list of savings totaling hundreds of dollars. Here are a few of them:

Buy water in a local supermarket instead of using the pricey mini bar water. To be polite, when you enter your hotel, carry it in a cover up, it is considered non PC to do this. Don’t know where to find a local market? In Europe they are frequently downstairs from general stores. In other places, either follow crowds carrying shopping bags or just ask. Water from even a street vendor has to be less than from the hotel. If buying on the street, make sure the top is tight and even better, that the metal connections are still in place.

Another place to get free water is in the hotel gym. There is always purified water on tap so fill up your bottles there. PS There might also be free fruit.

And buy your own wine or save the little bottles from dinner on the plane.

Wash your own underwear with hotel shampoo. Use the hairdryer if you need it quickly. If you are staying in one place, find the local laundromat. If you use one with staff, then you don’t need to hang around for the finished product. Some people layer sheets of Dryel because they like the smell, but truly just leave home with clean clothes in the first place. Here are some other laundry tips.

Avoid porters in hotels. Porters make their living by finding those travelers who need help. If you can roll your own luggage to your room, feel free to say no to the porter or left luggage attendant. If they grab your bags, again just politely say you are taking it yourself.

Taxis from hotels are sometimes not taxis but private limo services. If you see a line of limos outside your hotel, don’t hire them from the doorman. Go directly to a driver and ask him the cost of your ride. I am not saying that all doormen get compensated, but clearly some do.

Don’t pay for movies. Download your own before your trip. Once downloaded you do not need wifi or any connection to watch for hours.

Make a sandwich from the breakfast buffet. Cheese and ham are usually available and sometimes individual unopened yogurts. Keep rolls from other meals and never leave water you did pay for on a restaurant table.  Pour it into your bottle.

Use public WIFI. It might be insecure, but Starbucks and many others offer WIFI with a cup of coffee paid. Museums, airports overseas often have free WIFI. Even if you don’t step into a museum, you will probably be able to catch the WIFI. Look around to see if many people are standing together using their phones, they might be catching free WIFI. Really cheap? Ask someone to share their WIFI for a moment with you by using your airdrop function.

Personal grooming can be very cheap in some countries. Need a haircut or color in South America? You might score a deal at a quarter of the price of the same in the US.

Similarly, need to unlock your phone or fix it, street vendors in many countries can do this while you wait for practically nothing, even on a iphone. Once unlocked you can slip in a local SIM card so you can local locally for much less. Some phone companies will negate your warrantee if you unlock your phone, so bring an old one you don’t use anymore and have that unlocked.

Use some of our tricks of the trade. Save so you can travel more, treat yourself to a splurge or just feel good that you are a veteran.

The Women’s Travel Group offers mainly international tours for women all year around. Upcoming trips with limited space are Japan, Morocco, Croatia and a few during the Summer.  

For information:  646 309 5607 


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