Mozzeria Pizzeria

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Mozzeria Pizzeria - The Three Tomatoes

The pies from this Neapolitan style pizzeria are incredibly delectable.  But what makes this Mission district restaurant even more special is that it is deaf friendly. Owners Russ and Melody Stein are a deaf couple who were frustrated eating out. He grew up in New York City, where dining out with his Deaf family was frustrating: When waiters would rattle off the daily specials, the Steins would nod politely and just guess at what was being said.

So full communication access is a priority at Mozzeria, whose all-deaf servers sign, write or gesture.

Mozzeria Pizzeria- The Three Tomatoes

And in a nod to Melody’s family, who’ve owned restaurants in Hong Kong for generations, Mozzeria serves up a signature Peking duck pizza with hoisin sauce, among other memorable creations. The restaurant is featured around a 5,000-pound wood burning oven, so your mouth waters as you watch your pizzas baking. Every employee of Mozzeria is deaf, and sadly this makes their location most unique as more than 70% of deaf Americans have trouble gaining full time employment.

Mozzeria Pizzeria - The Three Tomatoes

Dine at this restaurant and feel even better about eating their delicious creations and look for their new Food Truck at Off the Grid Locations.


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