Music unites

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Enough is enough. We have had it with the senseless violence that is occurring locally, nationally and internationally on a regular basis. “Terrorism du jour, ” I call it. It seems we wake up almost daily to “breaking news” and on-the-scene reporters at some nightmarish location, where innocents have been cut down, wounded, traumatized.

Most of us feel overwhelmed and helpless. But thanks to innovative and motivated individuals who understand the power of social media, a day of remembrance and unity to stand up to gun violence through the healing nature of music is happening on Sept. 25. The Concert Across America to End Gun Violence is a national effort to bring people together in peace to remember the thousands of victims who have been killed or wounded by guns and to make a statement to Congress and voters.

music unites

This monumental effort is happening in small towns, and major cities. There is a concert at the Beacon Theatre in New York City featuring Jackson Brown, Mark Cohn and Roseanne Cash.

But smaller towns and villages in our area are also participating, like in Scarsdale in Westchester, Montclair in New Jersey and Manhasset on Long Island.

Check out the website for all the different locations around the country at :

On social media, #concertacrossamerica and #endgunviolence.

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