Never Fail Summer Style

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Never Fail Summer Style

Warm-weather fashion trends come and go, but classics stand the test of time.  These classics are the pieces that you’ll have in your wardrobe forever, that you grab year after year, and they always feel summer-right.  So if you’re looking to create amazing (and timeless) summer style – or even if you just want to add some zest to an otherwise established warm-weather wardrobe – check out my short list of never-fail summer style choices, that allow to you stay cool and chic this (and every) summer.


Never Fail Summer Style

White jeans are a summer staple, and for good reason – they play famously with any shade in the rainbow.  Pair them with bold color for an impactful punch, wear them with pale neutrals for subtle sophistication, or dare to go all white for a head-turning look.  And while you’re at it, why not try a white denim jacket?  It’s the casual equivalent of a white blazer and is the perfect topper to colored bottoms – or toss it over a summer sheath dress at the office.  And if you didn’t think you could wear a white denim jacket with blue jeans, think again…


Never Fail Summer Style

I love stripes in any season, but they truly shine in summer.  Express your personality based on your color combo: go traditional with nautical blue & white, keep it quiet in earth tones, or make a statement with all the colors of the spectrum.  And if you’re up for it, try a print mix with stripe-on-stripe to show that you’re a true summer style maven.


Never Fail Summer Style

The sun is shining, which means that any shade will show its true colors – so why not go for something bold?  When you’re wearing fewer layers your outfit needs to work a little harder, and bold color is the most straightforward way to maintain impact in otherwise simple looks.  Dip a toe in the water with colorful accessories, dive right in with a brightly colored dress, or jump into the deep end with color-on-color!


Never Fail Summer Style

Eyelet is a traditional warm-weather fabric, typified by lightweight material embellished with lace-inspired designs of ‘holes’ – which makes it the ideal summer style choice to keep your cool and keep your chic!  It executes incredibly in white – but if that’s a little too sweet for your style palette, try a darker neutral for some fashion-y edge.


Never Fail Summer Style

In case you don’t know, chambray is denim’s lighter weight cousin.  You can think of it as the ‘jeans’ of warm weather, which means you can toss a chambray shirt over most anything.  And the great thing is that many designers are blending chambray with tencel fabric, which gives it amazing drape and ease.  So there’s pretty much no excuse for not having something chambray in your closet…

So there you have it – my five never-fail style choices for this (or any) summer.  If you’re looking to amp up the volume on your summer looks even more, check out some of my favorite style combos below!


White brings out the best in bold color, so it’s a no-brainer pairing.

Never Fail Summer Style



A classic combo that will never go out of style.

Never Fail Summer Style


Because what’s easier to throw over a striped dress than a chambray shirt?

Never Fail Summer Style


A chambray shirt works over most anything, including eyelet – AND it tones down the cuteness of an otherwise girly skirt.

Never Fail Summer Style


The intricate detail of eyelet adds eye-catching texture to summer color.

Never Fail Summer Style

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