NYC Life: A VIP Invite, Explore Old NYC, Central Park Secrets

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The head tomato has a special VIP invite for all of you to Celebrate International Day of the Girl. And you love exploring NYC, download the Old NYC App. Ever gotten lost in Central Park? Well look for the lampposts.

Monday Oct. 10. A Special VIP Invite

NYC Life: A VIP Invite, Explore Old NYC, Central Park Secrets

Cheryl Benton (aka the head tomato) who is part of the NYC Leadership Council for Because I am a Girl, invites you for a very special evening (6 to 8:30 PM) celebrating girls who will change the world thanks to a global non-profit, Plan International USA.

At this event you will meet a few of the girls and boys in Plan’s Because I am a Girl program from Uganda, El Salvador and the U.S., in addition to top leaders from Plan International USA.

The evening includes a wine reception and  hors d’oeuvres, a chance to meet the girls and learn more about the amazing work of Because I am a Girl.

We think once you hear more about the mission and accomplishments of Because I am a Girl, you will want to invest in the future of girls and join the movement too.

There is no charge for the event, but you must RSVP.

Old NYC App

NYC Life: A VIP Invite, Explore Old NYC, Central Park Secrets

Have you ever walked the streets of NYC and wondered what it looked like a century ago? Well now you can see it! Last May, a couple of techies took all of the New York Public Library’s archival photos of the streets and buildings of NYC and created a web site that includes a map of NYC.  Click on a red circle and at any location and you’ll get old photos of what that spot in NYC looked like years ago. While now they’ve taking it a step further and created the OLD NYC App that you can download to your iPhone and view old New York wherever you are.

Using your smart phone’s GPS you’ll see a blue dot that shows where you are, and you can click on any of the red dots to see what the city use to look like exactly where you are standing.  How cool is that?

The images at the web site and the app, all come from the New York Public Library’s Milstein Collection and provide an alternative way of browsing the NYPL‘s incredible Photographic Views of New York City, 1870s-1970s collection. The goal is to help you discover the history behind the places you see every day.

Visit the web site

Lost in Central Park?


Consider there are 843 acres along 51 blocks it’s to get lost. And of course there’s an app for that, but the easiest way to figure out where you are is to find the nearest lamppost.  On each pole, you’ll find a series of numbers that tell you what street you’re on, and whether you’re closer to the West Side or East Side.

The first two numbers indicate the closest cross-street in your vicinity.

The second two indicate the lamp post number within that block.

Newer versions usually include a “W” to indicate you’re on the West side of Manhattan, or an “E” to indicate you’re on the East side. “C” means you’re in the Centre of the park.

Check out these cool video about the Park that also talks about the lampposts.

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