NYC Life: At-Home Holiday Cheer, Live Music, Now Streaming, Art, Films

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NYC Life: At-Home Holiday Cheer, Live Music, Now Streaming, Art, Films

While the holidays look different this year, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy holiday cheer. Sandi Durell has the scoop on some wonderful cabaret and performing artists who are doing wonderful virtual shows, and you don’t want to miss Sarah Brightman’s first livestream Christmas Concert.  Valerie Smaldone offers several ideas for embracing the holidays at home this year.  And we have a special 3T Holiday Event coming up too. You’ll also enjoy the Broadway Babe’s streaming picks that you can watch at your leisure. But wait, there’s more, so read on.  

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Dec. 15. Peace in the Street Film Festival Celebrates Young Filmmakers

NYC Life: At-Home Holiday Cheer, Live Music, Now Streaming, Art, Films

This is fabulous event usually held every year at the UN. It showcases socially aware young filmmakers (some as young as six) from around the world to tell their story, their struggles, their opportunity, and their celebrations. This year you can watch the festival virtually.  You will be amazed and inspired by youth from around the world.

The Peacemaker Corps/PSGFF is partnering with UN75 to ensure that the stories and visions of our global partners of young filmmakers initiate and expand youth dialogue worldwide. Through these conversations, the UN aims to build a global vision of 2045 – its centenary – increase understanding of the threats to that future, and support enhanced international cooperation to realize that vision.

The UN75 initiative is about the future and how we can shape it together. It is about storytelling and dialogue – about listening and learning, responding, and engaging with as many world youths as possible. They are our future.  The event is free but you must register.

December Art Tour : Revelry, Celebration and Indulgence

NYC Life: At-Home Holiday Cheer, Live Music, Now Streaming, Art, Films

Art historian Nadja Hansen takes us on a tour this month of “Revelry, Celebration, and Indulgence” at the Met and Louvre, and other stops. Designed for this festive time of year, this lively art talk explores masterpieces that celebrate the ways humans have reveled, feted and rejoiced across millenia and around the world. From the excesses of ancient Roman bacchanals to the feasting of ancient Babylon, to the country festivals of 16th century Holland to the triumphant ceremonies of 20th century Benin and much more, this 1 hour tour discovers the myriad ways people have found to commemorate the gifts of life and the ingenious ways artists have captured them.

Going around the globe we will see the dance, music, song, indulgence and, above all,  sense of abundance that characterizes the human spirit and the greatest works of art that have given us these rich insights into the revels of the past. This tour will incorporate music, short video clips, and time for interactive questions and discussion.

Date: December 17th at 2pm $40

***Register in advance for this experience here: 

Repeated on December 22nd at 11am $40

****Register in advance for this experience here: 

Only 10 spots left!

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