NYC LIFE: Parallel Universe, Hope, Inspiration, Hiking and Entertainment

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NYC LIFE: Parallel Universe, Hope, Inspiration, Hiking and Entertainment

As if the pandemic wasn’t sobering enough, this week brought racism and inequality to the forefront, reminding us that we live in a parallel universe—a white universe where racism is rarely talked about and the black universe where it’s lived every day. So many of us are left with the question, what can I do? Time Out asked black owned book store’s for antiracism book lists. Valerie Smaldone’ s action is to highlight people who are doing good. One of those she highlights today is Earl Thomason, Jr. founder of the Foundation of Freedom, that provides initiatives for the African American community. Good people doing good makes us hopeful. And as New York City starts to open up again, hopes will rise. In the meantime, here are some things to keep you informed, entertained and your spirits lifted. And don’t forget to enter the Renewal Summit Raffle – it’s FREE and we over $5,000 in prizes.

“Dear White People”

NYC LIFE: Parallel Universe, Hope, Inspiration, Hiking and Entertainment

Literature can educate and make us think. And hats off to Time Out for getting book lists on antiracism  from black owned NYC book stores.  One list that really stood out for us is from the Lit Book Store in the South Bronx. Their web site has a section call “Dear White People” with a list of suggested books. We’re heading there now.

Now Playing at The Renewal Summit

The Three Tomatoes Renewal Summit

We have two new panels for your viewing, and both are very informative and enlightening.   WATCH NOW.

Take a Hike in NYC

NYC LIFE: Parallel Universe, Hope, Inspiration, Hiking and Entertainment

If you’re in the city and longing to get out in nature, look no further. NYC has over 300 miles of trails will take you through some of the oldest forests in the city, and past 10,000 acres of wild and untouched natural areas, glacial potholes, and bedrock you can see and touch! As you explore these beautiful parks, you’ll come across all kinds of wildlife, from the majestic ospreys nesting high up on utility poles to turtles sunbathing on rocks in the ponds. Along the way, you can also visit historic places that give a glimpse of Old New York and tell the story of our city. Learn more here.

Randie’s Entertainment Pick

Our Broadway Baby Randie Levine Miller has some wonderful Broadway entertainment suggestions you can watch right now that are a wonderful respite from these trying times.

Jackie Mason on Broadway

“The world according to me” was a huge hit for Jackie Mason on Broadway. Of course, these days, he is totally politically incorrect, but it might be kind of neat to view it as part of our social history.

Will Rogers Follies

This is a real find…the original Broadway production of the totally delightful upbeat, uplifting “Will Rogers Follies-by Cy Coleman and Comden and Green directed by Tommy tune…actually, filmed for Japanese TV… Never seen in the United States… Tommy tune does a wonderful intro about Will Rogers it stars Keith Carradine, Dee Hoyt and Cady Huffman! 

Tony Awards

13 Bernadette Peters Videos Getting Us Through #StayatHome

Tomatoes will love this Best of Bernadette Peters with these 11 video highlights. And keep scrolling and you’ll see highlights of Angela Lansbury’s career which spans 70 years!

Watch just a few of the highlights from the career of the three-time Tony Award® recipient. WATCH VIDEO

Missing the Tonys This Year?

You’re bummed about the Tony Awards® being postponed. We get it, so are we. That’s why we’re thrilled that choreographer Jason Wise, the hero we need right now, has put together over 3 hours of the best Tony® moments that you can enjoy.


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