LA LIFE: Penguin Love, Garden Festival, Venice Festival, Taco Festival

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Cute Alert Tomatoes!!! Baby Penguin on view now at the Aquarium of the Pacific! Oh baby, is that adorable! There are festivals a plenty this week.  I am stunned that I am saying this ladies, but it is time for the “End of Summer Festival” at Descanso Gardens.  Really?! It’s also time to rock n’ roll old school at “The Venice Beach Music Festival”.  And we cannot forget “The Taco Festival” in Grand Park DTLA especially because it raises funds for a great charity. Festivals for all inclinations and locations Tomatoes!

Penguin Love

LA LIFE: Penguin Love, Garden Festival, Venice Festival, Taco Festival

There is lots to love about Penguins but it doesn’t get any better than when you observe a baby penguin does it Tomatoes?!The Three Tomatoes LA is so pleased to announce the birth of a baby Magellan Penguin to parents Roxy and Floyd back in May.  But what is really exciting to me Tomatoes is that the new chick has grown its watertight feathers, allowing it to join the rest of the penguins in the June Keyes Penguin Habitat.  So, Tomatoes can now behold this adorable creature up close and personal along with the other precious penguins.

And when it comes to penguins, the Aquarium has more to offer on that subject.

In celebration of the baby bird, the Aquarium is offering the opportunity to adopt the chick through its Adopt an Animal program. Those adopting a penguin chick at the $100 level or higher before September 30, 2017, will have a chance to go behind the scenes for a feeding and training session with the penguins. AND “Penguins 4D” narrated by David Attenborough is now playing at the Aquarium’s Ocean Theatre. You can certainly get your fill of Penguins and Penguin Love at the Aquarium Tomatoes.

August 26. Venice Beach Music Festival

LA LIFE: Penguin Love, Garden Festival, Venice Festival, Taco Festival

The “Venice Beach Music Fest” is a FREE all-day celebration of diverse visual art, music, dance, literature, creativity and street performances along the boardwalk in the park at Windward Avenue. Time to take a step back in time 50 years to celebrate the anniversary of the “Summer of Love” cultural revolution in Venice by the seat Tomatoes!

The full day of entertainment at Venice Beach Music Fest 12 features a multi-genre array of seasoned performers, some of whom were performing the hits of the day fifty years ago, during that famed Summer of Love with headliners like “Strawberry Alarm Clock”, whose song “Incense and Peppermints” was a Number 1 Billboard Hot 100 hit in 1967. And that is just the tip of the iceberg ladies!

The festival also features the “Art Queen’s Great Planet of Apparel Art”, a fashion show of recycled materials by a Swedish performance troupe. Neato! Local dance troupe “Ya Harissa Bellydance Theater” will perform and the show opens with a boardwalk parade by drum and dance ensembles “Samba Soul Dance Company” and “Tropibloco”. And it’s all made possible by Venice local and national businesses. And bring your dancing shoes Tomatoes

August 26. Taco Festival

LA LIFE: Penguin Love, Garden Festival, Venice Festival, Taco FestivalIf you love munching on Taco’s, the “LA Taco Festival” at Grandpark has some of the tastiest with over 20 taco vendors. It’s also a wonderful way to support “Jovenes”, a nonprofit investing in LA’s homeless and at-risk youth. Helping “Jovenes” help youth with delish Taco’s is a marvelous goal for this festival Tomatoes.

The folks, “Jovenes”, behind the “LA Taco Festival” aren’t taco experts Tomatoes- but they are experts at solving the problem of youth homelessness and the festival grew out of that passion to provide a place of personal transformation for homeless youth between the ages of 18-25. They provide everything from emergency shelter to permanent housing, helping youth get off the streets and into an apartment of their own and provide other community-based services help the youth lead productive lives.

Back in 2009, Jovenes had an ambitious idea to bring our city together and support our youth by celebrating a food everyone loves: TACOS! Believe it or not, there wasn’t a Taco Festival in Los Angeles, so, they immediately jumped on that opportunity to raise funds for their endeavors.  Bravo!

August 30. End of Summer Festival

LA LIFE: Penguin Love, Garden Festival, Venice Festival, Taco FestivalBoo hoo! How can that be Tomatoes? But if you are going to celebrate the inevitable end of summer in LA then Descanso Gardens is a beautiful place to do it. The gardens will stay open extra late for this wonderful bon voyage summer event.  A beautiful sunset and stargazing with the sounds of live music are on the agenda so bring your handy flashlight along. Don’t want you Tomatoes getting lost in the dark Tomatoes.

And be sure to reserve ahead of time online Ladies.  Grab a cold drink and wander through the gardens to the tunes of “The Flashdance DJs” while celebrating the end of summer. If it is any consolation gals it’s pretty much always summer here in beautiful and sunny LA.


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