Performers Sing for Fans During Coronavirus – Part 1

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Performers Sing for Fans During Coronavirus – Part 1
Linda Purl, Michael Feinstein, and Melissa Errico

In my efforts to keep spirits up and content alive on Theater Pizzazz and The Three Tomatoes, among other things, I’ve been contacting performers asking if they would make a home-spun video piece, or offer up something musical, that I could put out to their fans and friends during this historically scary time in our lives. I was overwhelmed with responses and want to share them with all the Tomatoes! 

This is Part 1 and includes Melissa Errico whose video piece with Tedd Firth is also a Happy Birthday wish to Stephen Sondheim on his 90th, along with her always lively thoughts on the special lyrics.

TV and film star Linda Purl recorded this on her cell phone with some well-placed purls of wisdom. Her career began as a teen on The Secret Storm and the rest is history. Recently, you may have been fortunate to see her perform at 54 Below.

The incomparable multi Grammy Award winner Michael Feinstein found the perfect song for his friend Stephen Sondheim’s 90th and for his fansas he continues to keep our Great American Songbook roaring ahead.

Michael Feinstein Fans

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  1. Ellen Easton says:

    Vital to Ignore Linda Purl’s misinformed advise to nettie pot. Infectious disease dr’s say NOT to use anything UP your nose as it pushes the virus deeper into the nasal passages to the lungs. Please post to inform your readers. Ellen Easton

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