PJs Day and Night

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Wearing your pajamas outside has been a thing with celebrities for a couple of years now, but the pandemic has given new meaning to PJs that go way beyond sleepwear. We were inspired this week by a Wall Street Journal article, Pajamas are the new sweatpants—how to wear them anywhere. So with a little imagination you take a pair of pajamas, or lounge wear and create some fun looks that will take you from zoom, to the store, to bed!

PJs Day and Night

Try pairing a cute pj top with a pair of jeans; or pj bottoms with a basic tee. Add a cute flat and you’re good to go.

Black Pajama set $30.00 Amazon.

Levi’s $49.99 Amazon

Flats $26.99 Amazon

Long Sleeve Tee $19.59 Amazon

PJs Day and Night

These pjs are so cute you could wear them out. Or pair the top with a sleek pair of slacks, or add a chiffon top with the bottoms. Add a basic flat, and out we go.

Floral PJs $27.00 Amazon

Chiffon Blouse $24.00 Amazon

Comfy Stretch pants $32 Amazon

Ballet flat $40 Amazon

Designer Loungewear Goes Anywhere

Designer Gabrielle Carlson created a beautiful line of At Home clothes during the pandemic, that are super comfy, and you can go anywhere, even to bed in them. Her clothes are beautifully made for woman of every size in the most glorious fabrics—silks, cashmeres, camelhair, linens and much more.

PJs Day and Night

Gab’s Knit Pull on Pants $155

Gab’s bamboo knit tee $145

Gab’s Bias Silk Tunic $195

Gab’s Cashmere/Camelhair Swing Coat $495

Booties $65 Amazon


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