POTS…not just a kitchen item.

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I did not know that there is a syndrome known as POTS. I did not know what the symptoms of this syndrome are. I did not know how it can wreak havoc in a POTS sufferer’s life. Enter a woman who is on a passionate mission to inform, spread awareness and change simple procedures in physicians’ protocol to help diagnose POTS.

Wendy Baruchowitz, a Westchester mom, developed POTS during her second pregnancy. Her symptoms included: racing heart, dizziness, migraines, shortness of breath, cognitive impairment, and many more troubling symptoms. It made living a normal life and caring for her children impossible.

It took months for Ms. Baruchowitz to receive a proper diagnosis. Finally, she learned that she had POTS-Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome. POTS is one of numerous Dysautonomic disorders, which is a deregulation of the autonomic system. All the things that your body does without your even thinking about it: your heartbeat, respiration,  blood pressure and flow, temperature… Imagine them all going out of whack.

After finally receiving a diagnosis and treatment, Wendy is doing quite well today. Here she is with her youngest son.

POTS...not just a kitchen item, valerie smaldone, the three tomatoesIt’s believed that nearly 3 million Americans suffer from POTS. To help fund research for POTS and autonomic system disorders, Wendy organized a “POTS-Take a Stand” fundraising run/walk taking place on Oct. 4 in Rye, NY.

Go to www.potstakeastand.com to find out about the walk, the disorder with the funny name, and Wendy Baruchowitz’s story.

POTS...not just a kitchen item, the three tomatoes

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