Product Review: A Fabulous New Knife Sharpener

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EDITOR’S UPDATE:  Since we reviewed this product last July, the Work Shop Culinary line of kitchen knife sharpeners are now a featured catalog item for Williams Sonoma and they’re expanding into over 100 retail stores this spring 2018. You heard it here first, Tomatoes.

Confession: There was a time in the kitchen when my knife choice was a serrated steak knife that I used for everything.  But then I actually learned to cook, as did Mr. Tomato who is now the official house chef. One of the first cooking classes we ever took was basic knife skills. And one of the things you learn is the importance of having sharp knives.

We have tried electric sharpeners in the past which disappointed. And Mr. Tomato is very good about using a manual honing rod frequently, but eventually we’d have to send the knives out for professional sharpening.

So, when Work Sharp Culinary reached out to us to try out their brand-new line of knife sharpeners – an electric sharpener and manual rods – we were a bit skeptical.

Wow! An Unexpected Delight!!

Mr. Tomato watched the instructional videos and put the E5 automatic sharpener to the test. It was easy to use and the knives are as sharp as any professional knife sharpener would do.  It works on any size knife from large utility knives to small knives. Even works on scissors.

The manual Diamond and ceramic manual honing rods are very effective too.  These should be used every time you use your knife, by the way. Mr. Tomato particularly like the angle guides so you know how to position the knife.

The E5 automatic sharpener will be available this fall and will retail for $235. And considering that sending your knives out for sharpening can cost $7 to $10 per knife, the price of this sharpener is a really good deal.  There’s also offer a lower cost automatic sharpener, the E3 that retails for $150.  The manual rods retail for $70.

The products will be available online and in stores in September 2017. Learn more and pre-order!!

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  1. I will have to try the sharpeners, I sharpen my own knives and they are never sharp enough to suit me. Makes it difficult to work quickly and efficiently.

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