Products for Our 4-Legged Friends

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We know how much you tomatoes love your pets, and you love to spoil them too. Well here are 6 products for cats and dogs that will make your life easier, keep them healthier, and happy too.  And BTW, if you always wanted to know what your dog is thinking, you’ll love the new ABC series “Downward Dog” – funny and charming. Here’s the trailer:

High Tech Dog Leash – Easily Tether Your Dog 4 Ways

The CLIC lease from High5dogs makes it so easy to leash your dog 4 ways.  Tired of tying knots when going for coffee? No problem! One ‘CLIC’ ties your dog to a chair or a table in a simple and elegant manner. This innovative leash lets you tether a dog in a single motion, even with only one hand, without undoing the leash.  $79 from Amazon.

Breath-Less Chewable Brushless Toothpaste

Just like humans it’s important to keep your dogs teeth and gums in good shape.  Brushing is important because it cleans away the plaque that leads to bad breath or more serious problems such as decayed teeth or gum disease. If you’ve ever tried to brush your dog’s teeth, you’ll love this product that reduces plaque and doggy bad breath too.  $6.35 at Amazon.

Cat and Dog Hair Everywhere? Here’s the BEST De-shedding Tool

The head tomato has two dogs and when they start shedding in the spring, it can be a nightmare. But she swears by the Furminator which does the best job of de-shedding your pet she’s found so far.  Available for cats too.  Get them from Amazon.

Three Dog Bakery Cookbook

Do you actually know what’s in a lot of those doggie treats and snacks? You probably don’t want to know. But here’s a way to make healthy snacks for you dogs. Three Dog Bakery stores are legendary for their fresh-baked, all-natural bakery treats for dogs. With their new Three Dog Bakery Cookbook, readers will be able to concoct the kind of tasty treats that canines crave. Featuring more than 50 recipes–from Banana Mutt Cake to Great Danish, and from Fiesta Bones to Gracie’s Megapizza–the Three Dog Bakery Cookbook will have dogs salivating like Pavlov’s proverbial pet.  Get the book.

The Cat Hammock

What more could a cat want?  The Baza Cat Hammock will provide endless opportunities for cats to play and scratch or just relax. Felines can sharpen their claws on any one of two scratching posts instead of on your furniture or carpet, giving them a healthy outlet for their scratching instincts. For a nap or a cozy retreat, the cat can curl up in the cozy hammock which is covered with ultra plush material both inside and out. Cats can bat around the dangling pom-pom toy for added fun. Suitable for cats of all ages and activity levels.  $17.29 at Amazon.

The ”Purrfect” Grooming Toy for Your Cat

We know cats are fastidious about grooming, and The Purrfect Archtrade; SelfGroomer Massager All in One makes it even easier.  This grooming solution is designed to reduce shedding and scratching in cats. This product features a softbristled grooming arch that is ideal for cats to rub up against to remove loose fur and scratch themselves. The arch is installed in a sturdy wooden base that can be fitted with catnip to further entice your kitty. $15.99 at Amazon.


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