Restaurant Finds

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The summer came, and is in the process of leaving us, swiftly. Yes, it is still dreadfully hot, but once the Labor Day weekend is over, the business world perks up, traffic is back to being unbearable, and the subways are packed like sardine cans. And…we’re back.

Knowing the drill, I, like so many others, vowed to take the last week before Labor Day to try  (try!) to un-plug and work in some relaxation and dare I say, fun.

With a five day span of time, I was able to accomplish some fun, and enjoy some new experiences. And of course, I must pass them on to you.

My new experiences include two restaurants in locations not far away, but in places I rarely visit.

The first find was in Long Island City. Literally a 10 minute car ride from my apartment on the East Side, but still, not a place I go to very often. I should and so should you. Looking for a place with outdoor dining (and I don’t mean dining on a small strip of a city street) my best friend named Google pulled up “Il Falco,” a charming spot on 44th Drive.

And do they have outdoor dining. Walk past the traditionally appointed main dining room, and you will find yourself in a delightful garden, reminiscent of an Italian ristorante.

Restaurant Finds

The server could not have been nicer or more accommodating. My wine was perfect and inexpensive, and the meal was on point. I can’t wait to hop across the 59th Street bridge to return.

And to make it even better, they offer valet parking at Il Falco.

Longing for a trip to the water, we made our way to what I believe is one of the most under-rated spots in the tri-state area: The Hudson Valley.

The Hudson is a spectacular body of water, with a rich history, stunning architecture in river towns on both sides of the water, and artsy areas.

Once again, my trusty friend, Google, led me to a wonderful find, this time in the distressed, but up coming town of Haverstraw, New York in Rockland County. Union Restaurant and Bar Latino is making culinary
news and has attracted a loyal following in a short time. Melding flavors and dishes to create a pan-Latin fusion restaurant, created by partner-owners Chef Jose David Martinez and Maître d’hôtel Paulo Feteira, the restaurant is meticulous in it’s design and feel, as well as its varied menu.

Restaurant Finds

I was attracted to it, not only for the raves I read about it, but for their beautiful (once again!) outdoor garden. I love eating outdoors and will search high and low to find the places that accommodate my passion for dining al fresco.
I enjoyed delicious arepas and a crisp glass of Alberino. The restaurant is housed in an historic building with an original brick and tin ceiling. Great food and wine, beautiful appointments, original details,
nice people..these are the things that bring me joy. And if all that were not enough, Jose and Paulo founded their We Care Foundation, a way for them to give back to the community by supporting various causes and charities.

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