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We love Virgin River and are so excited that Season 3 is back. And we binged two movies, The Last Letter from Your Lover, a very romantic an sexy movie that tells two love stories, and Diane Keaton who is adorable in Hampstead.

Virgin River Series: Netflix

Virgin River follows Melinda “Mel” Monroe, who answers an ad to work as a midwife and nurse practitioner in the remote Northern California town of Virgin River, thinking it will be the perfect place to start fresh and leave her painful memories behind. Before long she falls in love with the local bar and restaurant owner. You’ll love the quirky cast of characters, and there’s also an older couple love line too. One reviewer said, “It’s like warm hug.”

The Last Letter from Your Lover – Netflix

After finding a trove of love letters from 1965, a reporter sets out to solve the mystery of a secret affair — while embarking on a romance of her own. We loved how this story goes back in forth in time from the secret affair story to the reporter uncovering it now. The 1960s clothes and scenes are terrific and it’s a story any romantic will love. Starring:Shailene Woodley, Felicity Jones, Callum Turner.

Diane Keaton Shines in Hampstead – Netflix

If you’re a Diane Keaton fan you will love her this movie. Based on a true story, it’s based in England. Diane is a recent widow who forms an unexpected relationship with a man living off the grid in a beautiful park ripe for development. It’s a heartfelt, feel good movie And Keaton, as always is adorable. And we really admire that she is aging beautifully without the help of a surgeon’s knife or injections. Kudos for being a role model!


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