Sexy Without Showing Skin

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Valentine’s Day is looming, which may have you thinking about a skin-baring, sexy outfit.  A sexy look is great for a memorable evening with your partner, but that doesn’t mean you need to overexpose yourself, especially if that’s not your thing.  You can look – and feel – completely sexy in something that doesn’t show more than you want to.  You’ll most likely be more comfortable, and you won’t have to worry about being too cold, a too-short skirt riding up your legs, or accidentally flashing too much cleavage to the waiter.  You’ll be able to focus on how great you feel, what a good time you’re having, and that special person across the table.

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Show Some Shoulder

In the dead of winter, your shoulders don’t get too much attention.  So why not show them off in a cozy off-the-shoulder sweater, a shirt with shoulder cutouts, or a gorgeous velvet top?  It’s sexy, but in that subtly sophisticated way that will definitely get some glances – and not only from your significant other.

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Body Conscious, Not Tight

It’s chilly out, so it makes perfect sense to go for a chunky sweater or a puffy vest on a daily basis – but it also may hide your figure.  Which means that a date with your spouse is the ideal opportunity to show off your shape.  And by showing your shape, I don’t mean anything tight – wear a fit and flare dress that highlights your tiny waist, a pencil skirt that shows your curves, or a sweater that skims your torso.

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Sheer and Lace

Is there a way to show skin without showing skin?  Yes!  Sheer fabrics and lace add a distinctly feminine touch, allowing you to be completely covered, but still giving view to what’s underneath.  And the best news is that you can wear something that fits your style – an ever-so-girly lace top, a more geometric sheer inset, or simple see-through sleeves.

Looking for other ideas on how to look and feel sexy on Valentine’s Day (or any other day, for that matter)?

  • Red and pink are the traditional colors for Valentine’s Day, but if it’s not your style, don’t force it.  Instead, wear a color that makes your eyes sparkle, flatters your skin tone, and makes you feel great.  After all, confidence is way sexier than a specific color.
  • Go for something unexpected.  If your partner rarely sees your legs in the light of day – wear a skirt.  If you’re all neutral, all the time – grab some color.  If you’ve gotten into the boots and jeans rut this winter – try a sexy heel.
  • Take the opportunity to sparkle.  Even if your Valentine’s Day is less of a romantic candlelit dinner, and more of a rare casual night without the kids – wear some jewelry, above and beyond your everyday.  Why not put on that standout necklace or chandelier earring, even if you’re wearing a t-shirt and leather jacket?  It will catch the light, and also catch your partner’s attention.

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