SF LIFE:  Cinco De Mayo, Mayim Bialik, Uncorked, River Banks – Art!

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You know tomatoes; back in the day in college we called May 5th cinco de drinko!  Now, I just enjoy a big bowl of guac and chips and maybe a veggie enchilada. But SF celebrates with a fabulous festival of course.  Mayim Bialik comes to the JCCSF and shares her humor, her new book, and wisdom from a comedienne, neuroscientist point of view. Of course we can all relate! Wine, wine, wine…another wine festival, what can I say we live in Nor Cal – Uncorked, cheers! An up and coming artist opens her latest installation. A joyous journey entitled River Banks: Cradling Creative Currents – let’s go with the flow!

May 6. Cinco de Mayo Festival

 Not just an excuse to down a frozen marguerite or two, this annual celebration is observed to commemorate the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over the French forces at the Battle of Pueblo on May 5th, 1862. Now you know, so go to the Mission tomorrow and celebrate!  Or head to one of our fabulous Mexican eateries and feast away. Isn’t it great that this year the 5th falls on a Friday!

The 13th annual Cinco de May Festival, a family friendly celebration, will take place on one of the Mission’s new trendy, main thoroughfares, occupying Valencia Street between 21st and 24th Streets.

The celebration will showcase the very best of Mexican and Latin American cultures with a diverse array of Mexican and Latino foods, music, dance and artistry for the entire family to enjoy. Over 65 vendors will participate providing their delicious, diverse foods, showcasing their arts and crafts and empowering the multi-cultural community through greater awareness of their products and services.  Get more details.

May 13. Uncorked

Yes, it’s here, festival and street faire season!  This is a big one, so get ready and go early to the Uncorked Wine Festival at Ghirardelli Square on Saturday May 13th. One day only, from 1 – 5 p.m. You will sample and learn about the amazing wines from our area. In Vino Veritas as they say, so sip, chat and mingle with more than 7.500 wine lovers from across the world.

In addition to sampling wines, this SF festival also includes live music, cooking demonstrations, and two tasting workshops.

You know I love my events for a cause, and a portion of all ticket sales will go to the non-profit organization Bay Area Green Tours, which offers educational tours and events that focus on sustainable economy in action, inspire the support of local green businesses, and teach individuals and businesses how to be environmentally responsible in their everyday lives.

This wine festival is quite unique, as it is one of the few hosted outdoors. It is also one that you must attend if you love sampling new wines! Free to enter the grounds, but tickets must be purchased to give you access to wine tastings from 1 p. – 6 pm. They start at $60 pp. and you get the requisite wine glass and unlimited tastings all day! Get details.

May 24. Mayim Bialik – Girling Up 

Best known for her role as Amy Farrah Fowler, on The Big Bang Theory (ok, I’m a total fan girl!), Bialik will be at the JCCSF on Wednesday May 24th. These talks are fabulous, entertaining and somewhat of a hidden find in our fair city.

Bialik – actress, writer, neuroscientist and founder of GrokNation.com – addresses what it means to grow from a girl to a woman biologically, psychologically and sociologically in her new book Girling Up: How to Be Strong, Smart and Spectacular.

Tomatoes may remember her when she starred in the early-1990s sitcom Blossom. Biaålik will discuss navigating everything from first kisses and first periods to rocky friendships, family responsibilities, gender questions, body image issues, and figuring out one’s passion and place in the world. These events sell out so go and grab a ticket .

Now thru July 6. Intuitive Art

Intuitive artist Sonya Kleshik has an exhibit at ARTERRA through July 6. I say intuitive because Sonya says that when she creates “there are at least two aspects working within me: the creator and the creation, the container and the content, the river banks and the flow of the river”. Thus her installation is titled River Banks: Cradling Creative Currents.

I had the pleasure of taking an intuitive painting class from this lovely and soulful woman. She leads small groups and helps them unleash their inner artist. I’m not saying that my work was exhibit ready, however it was an experience I totally loved.

Sonya’s installation is primarily acrylic paintings with one mixed media piece. After years of international travel and activism she found her way back to her love of art with an understanding of the power of creativity that fosters self-realization and discovery. She shares that with us in her exhibit and in her teachings. Pop by the studio at 300 Berry Street, for a peek at joyful works of art. Now through July 6th. For more information: www.sonyakleshik.com

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