SF LIFE: Color Pop, Reboot, SF Portal, Origami

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Looking for a natural mood enhancer? Color Pop will leave you feeling as magical as a unicorn. Looking to launch a new career? ReBoot in 30 is an online career entry program designed for Tomatoes. If you’re wondering what that gold shipping container is on Crissy Field, it’s the San Francisco Portal and it can transport you to exotic places. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to create Origami like me, then don’t miss the Origami Palooza.  And it’s FREE!

Color Factory

SF LIFE: Color Pop, Reboot, SF Portal, Origami

Imagine yourself in a rainbow, you can touch, see, smell and play with and in the colors. That is the idea behind Color Pop, a color factory pop-up museum. It opened this month and tickets are already sold out. However, I’m letting you know about this because they are extending the experience into September and you will want to grab tickets. This installation was the brainchild of Jordan Ferney, the creator of the popular blog, Oh Happy Day.

In a massive two-story building near Union Square there are 15 site-specific works by artists and creatives, both local and global. It is experiential; you can taste ice cream, and color on a giant coloring wall or jump into the largest yellow ball pit you have ever seen. This is definitely art and although young folks will enjoy it, I think those of us young at heart will revel in it.  There are elements of surprise and delight sprinkled throughout this better than zanax exhibit. No mood enhancers needed here. You will leave feeling as magical as a unicorn and as delighted as if you found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. General admission is $32. For info: www.colorfactory.com




Fall is rapidly heading our way and if you are a Tomato who is looking to launch a new career, ReBoot Accel, a career accelerator for women has launched a new online career reentry program called ReBoot in 30. The program provides an email a day for 30 days, which includes actionable career advice, tools and exercises, to help you become more current, connected and confident to help you restart your career, or job search. We all need someone to help us be accountable and ReBoot has come up with a way to do that.

The easy to digest program was designed to help Tomatoes begin the return-to-work journey or figure out their next stage purpose, values and strengths, build their personal brand, leverage social media and so much more. ReBoot is passionate about helping those of us “over a certain age” who wish to return to the work force. With classes and workshops in the Bay Area and beyond, they are empowering women. I can get behind that! For more info: http://www.rebootaccel.com

SF Portal

SF LIFE: Color Pop, Reboot, SF Portal, Origami

Have you seen a gold shipping container on Crissy Field?  Did you think someone just had a fancy container in which to store their goods?  Here is the skinny: this is the San Francisco Portal, an art installation that can transport you to exotic places – think Gaza, Mexico City, Kabul– for real time chats with the locals. Global communication is the point here, and your vid chat is free of charge giving you a 20-minute live conversation with someone who lives on the other side of the world.

Created by Shared Studios this interactive art project aims to bring the global world to the micro level with grand 8-foot-tall projection screens allowing you to meet local Tomatoes from 22 sites including Nairobi, Berlin, Yangon and even Baltimore. You simply have to book a reservation time on line and it’s free.  When you are done firing off curious questions at your counterpart, you exit the portal and return to your own world. Info here: www.sharedstudios.com

Aug. 27.  Origami Palooza

SF LIFE: Color Pop, Reboot, SF Portal, Origami

I don’t know about all of you Tomatoes out there, but I have always wanted to know how to create Origami. Those cranes, those flowers, those intricate creative bits of paper! Let’s go learn from experts on August 27 at Origami Palooza in Japantown. The event is free from 12 – 5 at East Japan Center Mall on Post & Buchanan Streets.

You can join members of Rainbow World Fund as they gather wishes and cranes for the World Tree of Hope. In addition, there is an Origami Challenge (I’m definitely not ready for that yet), learn to Fold with the author of “Origami to Astonish and Amuse” or go behind the scenes of amazing commercials featuring Origami. Get the details.

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