SF Life: Dog Surfing, Cabrillo Fest, A Feast Of Festivals

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Summer is still here friends and will be for another month or more, according to the weather at least. So let’s celebrate the sunshine and enjoy the wealth of activities around the bay. Dogs who surf? YES! Head to Pacifica to watch the world dog surfing competition sounds like a barking good time. Our best beach town, Santa Cruz hosts a magical festival of contemporary music this month. And speaking of festivals – we have them all. Whatever you like –Jerry Garcia, Hawaii, The Philippines, outer space. Check them out and see what appeals. Happy August!

Aug. 4. Dog Surfing  SF Life: Dog Surfing, Cabrillo Fest, A Feast Of Festivals

The World Dog Surfing Competition is literally in our back yard down in Pacifica. For a yappy good time, head to the beach and see our four-legged friends get all four paws wet and wild.  No humans can enter the competition without “Spot”, so grab your best friend, if they love the water and see what it’s all about. You don’t have to have a surfing dog to attend or even enter, as there is a dog disc and ball and fetch competition and a fashion contest!

Of course, the surfing dogs wow the beach goers. There are surfing categories for small, medium, large and extra large dogs. If you have double dog fun, you can enter them in the Tandem Dogs Surfing Heat or if you and your pal love the waves, you can enter the Tandem Human/dog surfing heat. Of course the event also supports great causes like the Peninsula Humane Society and Rocket Dog. Find our more here: www.surfdogchampionships.com

Now – Aug. 12. Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music

SF Life: Dog Surfing, Cabrillo Fest, A Feast Of Festivals

Most people head to Santa Cruz for the beach or boardwalk, however this August the sounds you hear will not only be ocean waves. The annual musical experience brings together voices from around the globe to present 18 contemporary works that reflect the human spirit, and the stories we tell. What is unique to this festival is that attendees are invited to journey into the creative process through open rehearsals, talks and of course the intoxicating experience of live performances. I love that all evening concerts begin at 7 p.m. and their Community Night Concert welcomes all to pay what you can, so everyone can experience the power of music.

The well-known San Francisco based Kronos Quartet performs on August 5th. This groundbreaking group constantly reimagines the string quartet experience. It is no wonder that a Grammy graces their bookshelves. They will delight the audience with new and diverse programs. The Grand Finale takes place on August 12th with the Festival Orchestra playing a wide range of both classical and pop music at times accompanied vocally. Enjoy the surf, head for an early special Prix Fixe menu at Café Mare, Gabriella Café or Rosie McCann’s and get ready to be carried away melodically. For more info. www.cabrillomusic.org


It is still festival season friends and there is a fest and celebration to suit everyone’s taste.

Aug. 5. Jerry Garcia

SF Life: Dog Surfing, Cabrillo Fest, A Feast Of Festivals

On August 5th celebrate the life of Jerry Garcia, at the Jerry Garcia Amphitheater in McLaren Park. The event is a civic and cultural event that celebrates this great rock guitarist and SF native son. Originally founded as a neighborhood day to fundraise for a dilapidated playground located in the Excelsior District, the event continues to raise awareness for the local community while exposing attendees to various forms of art through music, art and cultural history. www.jerryday.org

Aug. 11-12. Hawaiian Festival

SF Life: Dog Surfing, Cabrillo Fest, A Feast Of Festivals

Can’t visit the Islands this summer? All you have to do is head to the San Mateo Event Center and enjoy native Hawaiian food, music and dance at the Aloha Festival. Pacific Islanders will feature their crafts along with all of the traditional entertainment and educational exhibits and workshops. Aloha – August 11 – 12. www.pica-org.org

Aug. 11-12. Phillippines Weekend

A colorful parade, exquisite textiles and artifacts, technology, delicious eats and more will be featured at 7 pavilions in the Yerba Buena center August 11 – 12th. This Filipino festival will have you shaking your booty, expanding your mind and perhaps learning traditional martial arts moves. In the Innovation Pavilion you can learn about latest technology and participate in TED talk discussions including “Will Robots take over Humans? Try out the latest VR at the Oculus Virtual Reality demo station. This fest is more than just feasting and drinking. Although you won’t want to miss the Filipino wine tasting! www.pistahan.net

Aug. 5. Outer Space Festival

SF Life: Dog Surfing, Cabrillo Fest, A Feast Of Festivals

If you love stargazing, admire those astronauts in the white suits who man the shuttles, or just want to learn more about space, this festival is for you! August 5th in Novato, the Space Station Museum presents is annual Space festival. Legendary astronauts will be on hand, so you can ask them everything you ever wanted to know about traveling in outer space! You can even try on space gloves, touch a space suit and explore the museum exhibits of rockets and airplanes. I say “Fly me to the Moon”! http://www.thespacestationca.org

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