SF LIFE: Downton Abbey, Roller Skating, Fringe Fest, Cocktails

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SF LIFE: Downton Abbey, Roller Skating, Fringe Fest, Cocktails

I know that my Tomato readers unabashedly love Downton Abbey – and the saga continues with the film. I have notice of a special screening and more! Harken back to the good old disco roller rink days and head to Fort Mason for a pop-up roller rink designed by artists. The SF Fringe Fest is here, and this is your opportunity to see unique, original grassroots theatrical performances. Rum anyone? Bloody Mary’s?  SF has a festival for both – being served soon! And I had a great Happy Hour Podcast conversation with astrologist Virginia Bell.

The Three Tomatoes Happy Hour Podcast

This week’s podcast features famed astrologer Virginia Bell – author of the book “Midlife is Not a Crisis…Using Astrology for the Second Half of Your Life.” Tune in as she shares how the planets and their positioning have so much to do with each stage of our life. Get a SPECIAL DISCOUNT OFFER too. Listen in.

Now – Sept. 14. Fringe Fest

SF LIFE: Downton Abbey, Roller Skating, Fringe Fest, Cocktails

If you love theater as I do, this month you are really in luck because the SF Fringe Festival is a 14-day grassroots theater festival, featuring over a hundred unique performances by dozens of indie companies. All performances will take place at the EXIT Theater in downtown SF at very accessible prices.  This festival does not curate and proudly returns 100% of ticket sales to the performing companies. It celebrates community, collaboration and experimentation. The shows deliver some tears, some laughter, some though-provoking work, and a few surprises. Here is a taste of what to expect.

Inspired by Jean-Luc Godard, clown Rodeo Debbie conducts an aesthetic investigation, where symposium meets jam session, and the audience contributes vital material. Mr. Godard knows a lot, but you are your own expert on art! 

Schooltown Funk is a comedy about the demands of teaching in a public school. This day-in-the-life satire focuses on four teachers from different backgrounds who try to make it through the day as additional responsibilities and obstacles get thrown at them. Many more performances now through the 14th. http://www.theexit.org.

Sept. 15. Downton Abbey Screening

SF LIFE: Downton Abbey, Roller Skating, Fringe Fest, Cocktails

In a few weeks, the phenomenon of Downtown Abbey, becomes a grand motion picture event as the beloved Crawleys and their intrepid staff prepare for the most important moment of their lives – a royal visit from the King and Queen of England. As we have come to expect there will be elegant costumes, soaring music, sweeping romance, endearing characters, engrossing drama, and witty repartee. Members of KQED can attend a screening on Sunday September 15th in Redwood City at the Century theatres.

If you want to wait, ALAMO Drafthouse in the city brings a “delicious” way to view our favorite characters on the big screen. Since many of the memorable scenes in the series combine drama with eating and drinking, the good people at ALAMO decided to create a menu of food and beverages inspired by the film. The offerings include “Donk’s Gin Drop – sometimes you need a sot of tea, sometimes you need a drink. Gin, earl grey tea, lemon, honey and mint combine them all. The “Grantham milk(shake) punch will definitely pack a punch with gin, tea and more. Tasty bites include Crawley mushroom canapés and Dowager’s Biscuits. There are more tasty bites, but you will just have to grab a seat to imbibe. Get reservations early for this wonderful venue. Starting on September 20th. Drafthouse.com

Roller Rink Pop Up

SF LIFE: Downton Abbey, Roller Skating, Fringe Fest, Cocktails

Get ready to lace up your skates once more (don’t worry, it’s just like riding a bike, you will remember how), and head to Fort Mason Center starting on September 13th. An artist-designed roller-skating rink will be popping up through October 6th. Not your old school rink, this is a participatory art installation and roller rink experience. It is a 21st – century social sculpture drawing on the optimism and democratic energy of disco-driven skate sites.

The painting-like environment blends psychedelia, and color fields to create and iconic pop-up art installation.  Local roller-skating organizations will operate the rink with hosts, DJ’s and special projects. Rental skates are only $5 but everything else is free! Open Wednesday to Sunday, just reserve tickets online. http://www.fortmason.org

Cocktail Time

SF LIFE: Downton Abbey, Roller Skating, Fringe Fest, Cocktails

Tomorrow at SOMArts you can learn about the Spirit Industry, then head to a tasting of what we think of as an “island” Spirit. Rom and tonics, Mai Tai’s, Cuba libre’s (rum and coke) – all popular cocktails. Since the USA is considered one of the most important countries for the entire rum industry, you might want to check out this spirited festival. There is a Tiki Bazaar Experience that consists of a 4 hour event that takes place on an outdoor patio and includes tropical rum cocktails, arts and crafts and retro/surf music.

SF LIFE: Downton Abbey, Roller Skating, Fringe Fest, Cocktails

Looking to put a little kick in your Saturday afternoon? Head over to the SOMArts Cultural Center for one of two sessions to sample the tastiest, most innovative bloody mary concoctions crafted by 12 outstanding Bay Area bars and restaurants. You’ll vote on the best one, enjoy live entertainment, and even learn how to shake up your own version of this beloved cocktail. Your ticket includes over 2 hours enjoying the spicy brunch favorite and includes delicious food and other drink tastes from local companies. Get tickets.

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