SF LIFE: Easter Bonnets, Presido Picnics, World Premier, New Threads

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SF LIFE: Easter Bonnets, Presido Picnics, World Premier, New Threads

Happy Easter and Passover. For those of you who celebrate Easter – break out your bonnet for the annual Easter Parade and other less traditional events right here in SF. Grab your sweetie, your friends, your pup and head to the Presidio for Picnics on Sundays – it’s time to enjoy the sunshine. San Jose Stage presents a world premier play “Adios Mama Carlota” that takes place in 1927 and narrated by a historical tomato of some renown, Empress Carlota. Lastly, who isn’t looking for that perfect fitting pair of black pants – well check out new company RedThreads for your next pair.  Hop to it….and enjoy your chocolate bun buns!

Easter Fun

SF LIFE: Easter Bonnets, Presido Picnics, World Premier, New Threads

Do you have your Tomato decorated bonnet ready yet? The Union Street Spring Celebration and Easter Parade celebrates and showcases all the wonderful peeps (haha, not the marshmallow ones) in our diverse community. Some of our fav restaurants can be found serving their delicious bites in outdoor bistro settings. If you have not been, note that this event is not youraverage Street Fair or formal Parade. It can best be described as wonderful, wacky,elegant and fabulous, with everything from roller-blading butterflies and creativeself-propelled mini-floats to garden areas, sophisticated fashions and beautiful classic and art cars. Break out those bonnets for the contest that awards prizes for everything from Best couple, to most comical. Unionstreetevents.com

SF LIFE: Easter Bonnets, Presido Picnics, World Premier, New Threads

For those of you who don’t mind a little R rated fun, you will delight at the infamous event in Golden Gate Park organized by Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. A non-profit charity, protest, and street performance organization that is not for the truly religious. It calls attention to sexual intolerance and is, apparently, something you should see once. There are family friendly activities at 10 a.m. on Easter Sunday, however the later afternoon features less PG rated events. The Foxy Mary contest and the Hunky Jesus competition are found here in SF, and hardly anywhere else on the globe would even allow, much less endorse this “fun”. http://thesisters.org

Presidio Picnics

SF LIFE: Easter Bonnets, Presido Picnics, World Premier, New Threads

Grab your blanket and favorite tomato pals and head to the breathtaking Presidio for the 8th season of a favorite weekly community gathering. In partnership with Off the Grid, this year’s Presidio Picnic will showcase the diverse food and cultures of the Bay Area with a free dance performance on the 3rd Sunday of each month. This weekly picnic takes place on the Presidio’s beautiful Main Parade Ground, an expansive seven-acre lawn with amazing views of the park, the city, and San Francisco Bay.

This year’s Presidio Picnic will feature more than 30 international mobile food creators, music, lawn games and if your pup is friendly, he/she can join in the fun as well. Word on the street is that new picnic food trucks Lobsterdamus, Bowl/D Acai and Popdup are worth the visit! www.presidio.gov

Adios Mama Carlota at San Jose A Stage

SF LIFE: Easter Bonnets, Presido Picnics, World Premier, New Threads

San Jose A Stage is a wonderful small theatre company that puts on delightful well known musicals and little known plays. “Adios Mama Carlota” is their current production -a haunting tale of love and imperialism. It takes place in 1927, 60 years after the death of Empress Carlota’s beloved Emperor Maximilian in Mexico.

Narrated by the Empress – she revisits the rise and fall of his reign and shares her troubled memories. She entertains distinguished ghosts, Maximilian, Napoleon III and Lincoln and she is forced to reassess her life when confronted by the ghost of “the other woman” in her past. Follow along as we hear the story of her unfinished love story. This play is directed by Kinan Valdez, the son of the playwright of this historical masterpiece, Luiz Valdez. A dynamite combination of talent. Get tickets.

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