SF LIFE: Fashion, Bunnies & Bellinis, Artist Dinners, Candytopia

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Calling any wannabe fashion designers for an intro class at Britex – fabric fun! You’ve heard of goat yoga by now I’m sure, and now there is Bunnilates. Yup a fundraiser involving bunnies and Pilates with a side of bellinis! Amazing restaurants are the norm in SF, but how about a culinary experience paired with and created by an artist/chef? Something different is always a winner in my book. Now it’s time for another instagram worthy exhibit fresh from LA and opening next month it’s Candytopia – sweet and delightful.

Aug. 18. Fashion Design Class

SF LIFE: Fashion, Bunnies & Bellinis, Artist Dinners, Candytopia

Are you a tomato who enjoyed designing Barbie clothes as a child? Or perhaps making tunics out of felt for your troll dolls (me!). Unleash your inner designer at Britex Fabrics. Fashion Designer and blogger Jamie Lau will lead you in a two-hour interactive workshop on fashion design. You will be introduced to the principles of fashion design including basic fashion drawing techniques and learn to create mood boards for color selection and fabric awareness.

Oh boy, you get fashion figure templates, colored pencils and markers (let’s play!) You will also have the opportunity to play with fabric swatches, magazines and create collages that inspire. Tickets will sell out so go for it now.

Aug. 19 & 20. Bunnies & Bellinis

SF LIFE: Fashion, Bunnies & Bellinis, Artist Dinners, Candytopia

So many organizations focus on saving dogs and cats, but there are many Peter Rabbits running around, and SaveABuny is a rabbit rescue organization-based right here.  Bunnilates is a fundraiser to help fund the nonprofit. Bunnies will be on hand as you feel the burn at Pirate Pilates in SF.  Sunday August 19th you can take early Bun Pilates at 9 a.m. or if that is too early for a Sunday, the 10:30 class might be more suitable. After each class you can indulge in a Bellini social complete with brunch items, treats and a raffle. Not working out for you? Just grab a free social ticket online.

SaveABunny works with over 30 animal shelters to make sure that abandoned, abused and neglected rabbits get the second chance those hopping beauties deserve. This organization is known worldwide for success in healing physically wounded and emotionally traumatized rabbits by integrating Western vet care with Eastern healing arts. Hop on over (I couldn’t resist) and show those furry friends some love. Classes are $30.

Artist Dinner

SF LIFE: Fashion, Bunnies & Bellinis, Artist Dinners, Candytopia

Looking for something a little different from you next dining experience? How about a delicious dinner paired with art. Today the art world seems to be seeking even more intimacy with people who desire deeper interactions with art and thus a new trend is born. Artist-hosted suppers allow creative talent to spend time with their patrons and curious fans, to promote their work during the age-old act of breaking bread. Painter Heather Day creates splashy works that can be seen in a variety of restaurants and even on the walls at Facebook HQ. And now in order to commune with her patrons, she, along with a marketing guru and famous chef Ben Roche (an Iron Chef winner) has created a monthly series called Studio Table.

Hosted inside Day’s SF live/work space, you will be surrounded by colorful abstract canvases. The dinners bring strangers together for a common experience in a bright and convivial ambiance. Each meal is a themed experience and you receive a Day designed limited-edition print for each dinner. Mix and mingle with like-minded folks and go home with a full tummy and a piece of art. Get all the delicious details at http://www.studiotable.com

Opens Sept. 6. Candytopia

SF LIFE: Fashion, Bunnies & Bellinis, Artist Dinners, Candytopia

Get those iPhones ready to hit instagram, because another insta worthy art pop-up is coming to town. According to the folks who are bringing us this exhibit Candytopia is “colossal candy floss constructions that meld with a tantalizing taffy twistedness.” Sounds tempting and tantalizing.  Fresh from LA, Candytopia brings its Willy Wonka vibes and marshmallow swimming pool to the space next door to the Four Seasons Hotel on Market Street.

This tasty spot was created by Jackie Sorkin – a celebrity candy artist whose creations sweeten up the parties of peeps like Oprah and Rihanna. Ever seen the Mona Lisa rendered in hard candy or Prince composed of gumballs and licorice? Or how about a unicorn with rainbow sour tape hair flowing in the wind? Me neither, and that’s the point. Is this art? argue some die-hard folks or just nonsense? Well whatever it is, it is meant to bring a smile to our faces, and hopefully not cavities to our teeth. Opening September 6th and you must sign up online to get notified when tickets go on sale. http://www.candytopia.com

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