SF LIFE: Fashion Show, Airswimming, Perfume Museum, Armoire

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My favorite fashion show of the year is here! Watch the previously incarcerated women, who reside in St. Vincent De Paul of San Mateo’s Catherine Center, proudly walk the runway later this month in Menlo Park. A poignant drama heads to Redwood City,  Airswimming – fascinating somewhat true tale of two tomatoes in the 1920’s. A natural perfume museum opens in Berkeley – the first in the USA, Tomatoes let’s go get our scent on. And a new online shopping experience has arrived with Armoire – renting clothes in a new way – just in time for fall fashions! And we have special offer just for Tomatoes.

Aug. 22. Twilight Fashion Show

Twilight Fashion Show

Talk about empowered tomatoes – a group of 25 residents, Alum, volunteers and staff of Catherine Center are getting ready to rock the runway. Catherine Center is a restorative justice program under the St. Vincent De Paul Society of San Mateo. Previously incarcerated women are given the opportunity to live in a wonderful residential situation – for no charge at all. The women are interviewed and selected because they truly want to turn their lives around.  Their annual fundraiser is The Twilight Fashion Show, and the funds raised go to the operation of Catherine Center.

The women attend programs, learn to cook healthy meals, practice yoga and more, all through volunteers. The models will be sporting fashions from San Mateo County’s St. Vincent De Paul Stores. Oh, and did I mention, the show is produced by your SF Three Tomatoes’ Editor – me!  I guarantee you will be transformed along with the women.

August 22. Cocktails/Mocktails and heavy hors d’ouevres. Trinity Church Menlo Park 5:30 – 7:30.   Tickets are $75 each.


Airswimming, Dragon Productions

The up and coming theatre in Redwood City, Dragon Theatre, offers shows that you won’t just see anywhere. They have two thematic series this year and Airswimming is part of the series entitle “Women Take Center Stage”. Inspired by the various true stories of women who were placed in mental institutions in the 1920’s because they had given birth to illegitimate children, and for other less than authentic reasons. Tomatoes we, have come a long way!

The two women around whom the story focuses were forgotten by their families and stayed imprisoned for more than 40 years. To pass the time they create alter egos and act out fantastical stories. The play is ultimately a tribute to the resilience of the female spirit. Yup, we have that nailed! After the August 13th show, there will be a lively post-show discussion with the cast and director. Tickets are $35.

Rent Your Clothes + Special Offer for Tomatoes

Rent Your Clothes, Armoire

Closet, armoire, steamer trunk, cupboard – whatever you keep your clothes in, I imagine you look at it and say I have nothing to wear. New company Armoire, has the right idea. If you spend too many hours scrolling on your computer shopping, because you just can’t get to the mall, or if you are limited on time and without a personal stylist, you may find Armoire is your new best friend. A clothing rental company, you submit your info – clothing likes and dislikes, fav brands, styles, colors etc., and they send you a curated list from which you choose 4 looks.

This is a monthly subscription service, but you can cancel any time. It is $149 a month, and you can return and exchange easily.  High end brands are featured and if you don’t like what you see in your “closet”, they will keep sending you photos of items until you are satisfied.

Started by Ambika Singh an energetic young woman, at an MIT accelerator, the team is looking to shake up the retail industry. Targeting “Boss Ladies” who have little time for shopping, this new company gives women ease and convenience. Basically they consider this the modern woman’s life hack.

SPECIAL OFFER:  Use the promo code TOMATOES35 and you will get $35 off your first month.  Sign up at www.armoire.style . Offer is valid through the end of August.

Perfume Museum

Aftelier perfumes

Sniff, sniff – it’s a whole new world inside Mandy Aftel’s cozy cottage museum in Berkeley. Officially titled The Aftel Archive of Curious Scents, this is the first museum dedicated solely to natural perfume. In the Cottage/museum, you will see a comprehensive history of fragrance, from 100-year-old scents to old books and even older apothecary recipes. Only open on Saturdays, come with a clear head as you can smell more than three hundred natural essences derived from fruits, flowers, trees, grasses and other natural sources.

Bonus – you get to take three samples home with you. You can compare the century old essences to their modern counterparts. Tickets are $20 for a one-hour visit. In addition to the three scent strips, included are two pieces of dark chocolate flavored with Aftel’s signature sprays. I bet all you Tomatoes can remember the fragrance your mother or grandmother wore. Scents stimulate the memory! Lovely scents found here. www.aftelier.com


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