SF Life: Femme Fair, Murals, Art, Jazz

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Female Empowerment, we love that right? Read on to find out about this great event to fill your closet and help Global Fund for women. Spring is here and a wonderful way to stroll the city is to view the creative murals that abound. And regarding more art, the Art Market returns to Fort Mason for purchasing and viewing alike. Or you can check out local artists at the shipyard Open Studio in Hunter’s Point. The JCCSF, one of my fav hidden gems for events, features a special evening of films portraying the best jazz vocalists through the decades. Leap into one of the most beautiful times of the year in the Bay! DON’T FORGET TO SAVE THE DATE FOR Cheryl Benton’s book tour. May 17th for all you Bay Area Tomatoes. Email us for an invite.

April 21. Femme Fair

SF Life: Femme Fair, Murals, Art, Jazz

Femme means woman in French and Fair is to treat others equally, free from prejudice or judgment. Femme Fair’s mission is to inspire and uplift women in the community, by providing an event that empowers females from all walks of life to live peacefully in their truth. I know all of us “tomatoes” can get behind this concept. The group of women who have gathered to create this outstanding event, are not quite of tomato age, but they are clearly in training!

This second year of the event will bring together women to build relationships within the community, meet local artisans and shop, all while supporting a great cause, The Global Fund for Women. Panels, networking, DIY fun, immersive photo experiences and a glam squad are included. And of course, you get to shop from famous bloggers’ closets. Saturday April 21st. VIP tickets are $100 and include early bird shopping, amazing food and drink, exclusive access to panels and mentoring sessions and the best swag bag. Regular tickets are $35.  Get tickets.

Our Murals

SF Life: Femme Fair, Murals, Art, Jazz

Friends, it’s time to hit the streets now that the sun is mostly shining. Want to walk the city and see some “free” art?  Our murals are plentiful and full of history. When it comes to street art, most Bay area tomatoes in the know, will deem the Mission, the be all and end all of the city’s graffiti-loving destinations. But the city is brimming with vibrant murals, and sometimes in pockets you’d least expect.

You are probably familiar with The Western Addition, but perhaps you were unaware that it is swathed in vibrant murals that pay homage to the diverse history and culture of SF. In the 1930’s the area became known as the Harlem of the West, thus blossoming into the well-known jazz center it is today.

While chasing murals, you must chase after the Diego Rivera murals (frescoes) scattered everywhere throughout the city. My favorite is The Allegory of California located in the grand stairwell in The City Club. Completed in 1931, the main figure is Calafia – the spirit of California and the enormous scale of this Rivera work and the details will have you gasping in awe. This particular fresco can be seen on the first and third Monday of the month at 3 p.m. This is a guided tour through sfcityguides.org.  For more info on all the creative street art throughout SF visit. Sfmuralarts.com

April 26-29. Art Market at Fort Mason

SF Life: Femme Fair, Murals, Art, JazzTime to browse and buy, if you are in the market for modern and contemporary art for your home! Even if you aren’t ready to swipe your credit card, it is worth the $25 day ticket to simply ogle the enormous installations this year. It is like going to SFMOMA on steroids. 80 galleries from around the world will be featuring their top artists at Fort Mason’s Festival Pavilion. The opening night reception will benefit The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco – and we love to support our own, don’t we? Cocktails, coffees, afghan cuisine and iced cold fresh coconuts will help sustain you as you absorb the beauty. Artmarketsf.com

April 21-22. Shipyard Open Studios

SF Life: Femme Fair, Murals, Art, JazzDid you know that the largest arts community in our city is located in Hunter’s Point in the Shipyard? This weekend, you can explore the studios of over 100 artists as they open their shipyard doors to the public to showcase paintings, sculptures, photography, textiles, ceramics and more. There are seasoned artists to visit and emerging artists to be discovered at this hidden gem on the edge of the bay. Best of all, it’s free! Hunters Point Shipyard, 451 Galvez Avenue. www.shipyardartists.com

April 20. Jazz

SF Life: Femme Fair, Murals, Art, Jazz

Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughn – have I tempted you? These giants of jazz will be featured, along with other famous singers, on film clips curated by Los Angeles music maven Mark Cantor, He has an archive of more than 12,000 films and clips and is considered one of the premier collectors of American popular music on film. I’d like to sit down in his house with a bag of popcorn! Tomorrow evening at 7, the program begins with swing dancing featuring live music from the Klipptones. Then at 7:30, sit back and enjoy the jazz greats on a giant screen. So many crooners in one evening, which melody will you be humming as you drive home? www.jccsf.org

The Book Every Tomato Should Read

SF Life: Femme Fair, Murals, Art, Jazz

Our Head Tomato is heading our way.  Join us to celebrate her novel, Can You See Us Now? If you’d like an invite to this private event, email tomato@thethreetomatoes.com


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