SF LIFE:  Filoli, Dali, Kathy Griffin, John Leguizamo  

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Fellow tomatoes, summer is flying by and if you haven’t been to FILOLI gardens and estate in Woodside, now is the time to witness the natural beauty and sculpture gardens. Monterey gets its own permanent exhibition of the amazing artist Salvador Dali, stop by as you head down the coast. One of the funniest tomatoes around is Kathy Griffin coming to Villa Montalvo later this month. Tickle that funny bone. Speaking of laughter, bring Mr. Tomato and head to Berkeley Rep to see John Luguizamo’s one-man show, reviews are sparkling!


There is no better time to visit Filoli than when the gardens are in full bloom. This historic site in Woodside offers a host of activities and events year-round. The mansion was built in 1917 and the vast gardens were constructed between 1917 and 1929. Summer is amazing at the site. In addition to touring the property as a great day out, they host live Jazz for six Sundays this summer (hurry as tickets sell out). You buy a boxed dinner or bring your own, wine and beer is served as well and the quality of the musicians is top notch. Plan your day there and make sure to visit the stunning collection of sculptures by local artists. The sculptors employ a range of mediums from copper to glass to re-used items that create exquisite works of art. You can take a guided tour, and learn more about the artists, their methods and why the locations and works were chosen for the garden. It is truly fascinating. Spending the day at Filoli in Woodside is the perfect summer escape. Find out more here: www.filoli.org

DALI17SF LIFE:  Fiiloli, Dali, Kathy Griffin, John Leguizamo  
Mostly familiar for the famous melting clocks, a new private collection of Dali’s works now resides permanently at the former Museum of Monterey.  Dali17 houses a private collection of more than 570 works of art by the famous Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali. Dali lived and painted in Monterey during the 1930’s and 40’s. I learned that Monterey is the only location outside of Spain where the surrealist ever painted. Of course the name is a reference to the original 17-mile drive that once began at Hotel Del Monte, where Dali stayed during his time in our golden state.  If you find yourself with odd dreams, know that is where Dali got his inspiration (well not from yours, but his own of course!) Tapped into his subconscious and created the works we are familiar with. As you head down the highway, make sure to include this museum in your itinerary. For more information: www.dali17.com

Aug. 26. Kathy Griffin at Villa Montalvo

SF LIFE:  Fiiloli, Dali, Kathy Griffin, John Leguizamo  

On August 26th Kathy Griffin brings her “Like a Boss” tour to the Lilian Fontaine Garden Theatre. Sharp witted, catty and known for her shocking gossip, Griffin delivers her comedy with a wink and a sly smile. Even when you don’t want to laugh, you find yourself chuckling loudly. Remember laughter is good for the soul! I know that all you tomatoes reading this know about Villa Montalvo, even if you haven’t been to a show there. This unique venue in Saratoga is host to variety of performing artists who share their talent in the gorgeous intimate setting. Montalvo also hosts writing workshops and painting classes, just in case you want to get your own creative juices flowing. Get those tickets before they sell out: http://montalvoarts.org

Now thru Aug. 14. John Leguizamo

SF LIFE:  Fiiloli, Dali, Kathy Griffin, John Leguizamo  

The name of Leguizamo’s show is “Latin History for Morons, it has me laughing already. His show is up close and personal and yes, it’s just him. All about his childhood in Queens and how he climbed to the top of the Hollywood ladder, his solo shows have earned Emmy and Obie Awards. This latest show tries to teach his son (and us) about the way Latinos were left out in US History and tells the vital roles they played in building the country. Irreverent, uncensored and satirical, my tomato friends tell me this 90 minutes is hysterical (and informative!) You can also get head of the class seating on low benches at the foot of the stage. Berkeley Rep is the greatest place to see a show, so go there now! Through August 14th – so hurry. Get your tickets here: www.berkeleyrep.org

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