SF LIFE: Help the Homeless, Stairway Walks, Thai Cooking, Art and Technology  

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As tomatoes we love to give as well as receive. Helping the homeless is a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season. Need a break from all the giving thanks and cooking, try an invigorating Stairway walk in the city by the bay. When tired of turkey leftovers, how about a hands on Thai cooking class? If you’ve had enough of food, visit the Contemporary Jewish Museum for a unique curated event.

corksNovember 21.  Crafts and Cocktails

We can’t think of a more fun way to spend an afternoon than pretending to be crafting divas and sipping cocktails to benefit A Home Away from Homelessness. This organization joins with homeless and formerly homeless families to help children build confidence and skills through various educational and social opportunities. Help these children while creating and sipping craft beers, specialty cocktails and yummy appetizers.  At Fort Mason, San Francisco.  Sign up for the event here.

At A Home Away from Homelessness they believe that every child deserves the opportunity to experience safe and supportive spaces that respect and foster his or her strengths, creativity and abilities. By joining with homeless and formerly homeless families, we help build confidence, skills and community through educational, social and recreational opportunities. Learn more about this wonderful organization.

SF LIFE: Help the Homeless, Stairway Walks, Thai Cooking, Art and Technology  Stairway Walks 

Next time you are looking for something out of the ordinary to do in San Francisco – ha ha, there is NOTHING ordinary about the city by the bay….check out one of the beautiful, intriguing, sometimes athletic, “Stairway Walks in San Francisco”.  The book of the same name, by Adah Bakalinksy leads you through hidden corridors, shares historical data and is a great resource for visitors and natives alike. A comprehensive appendix lists every one of the city’s 600-plus public stairways.

Hundreds of stairways traverse San Francisco’s 42 hills, exposing incredible vistas while connecting colorful, unique neighborhoods, and veteran guide Adah Bakalinsky loves them all. Her updated Stairway Walks in San Francisco explores clandestine corridors from Lands End to Bernal Heights while sharing captivating architectural, historical, pop culture, and horticultural notes along the way. Long-term locals and tourists alike have used the book for over 25 years to adventurously uncover San Francisco’s unexpected details.  Get the book.

thai cooking classTired Of Turkey – THAI Cooking Classes!

The enticing aroma of Tom Yum soup, the tang of lemongrass, mango sticky rice – If you crave the flavors of Thailand, you will LOVE a cooking class with delightful chef Sunshine. Her charming demeanor and knowledge of all things Thai create a unique, and tasty experience for anyone who ventures into one of her popular classes. Her upbeat personality leaves guests with a smile on their face, a full belly and recipes to recreate.

In this 3 hour class, Sunshine will teach you simple, practical Thai meal preparation. The class includes:

  • Shopping – The best markets in San Francisco and brands for Thai spices, vegetables, rice, and other ingredients
  • Food preparation – You will chop, peel, mix, etc., all of the ingredients for each dish and review the spices to use for each dish
  • Rice and noodle cooking – You will learn to cook these basic components used in every Thai meal.
  • Wok cooking – the fun part! Each person will do hands on wok cooking – adding the spices and ingredients in the correct sequence and time.
  • Dining – You’ll all eat what you cook

Learn more.

art and tech 2Now thru Jan. 16. NEAT – New Experiments in Art and Technology now at The Contemporary Jewish Museum

Since we do reside in the heart of Silicon Valley, it is ever fascinating to see when technology merges with another aesthetic. In this case nine artists and artistic teams display works in which their artistic vision is combined with current technology. Often haunting, always intriguing, this exhibit warrants a visit.

NEAT: New Experiments in Art and Technology is an expression of the Jewish commitment to new forms of knowledge. Throughout an exhibition such as NEAT, The CJM champions the work of local artists and in doing so enhances the art community of the Bay Area. Our ambition is to be a unique leader in the world of Jewish museums as well as the museum field in general. We also contribute to enhancing the art community of the Bay Area for both local and international audiences.  Learn more here.


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