SF LIFE: Lobby Waterfalls, Top of the Mark, Opera in the Ballpark

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Summer has officially arrived. If you can’t go on a hike to a waterfall this season, simply visit the Salesforce lobby in SF – wow! Wonder what to do on Tuesdays after the summer solstice? Head to The Top of the Mark for FREE classic movies and wine pairings. Lastly, another freebie, the opera Carmen and garlic fries – an unusual pairing but head to our ball park and check it out!

Sales Force Lobby – Indoor waterfall!

Ok, so you may be thinking why is this tomato writing about a lobby. Well, the Sales Force lobby in San Francisco is like no other chrome, wooden or even marble wall that can be found in the buildings in SF. Salesforce’s SF headquarters has a video wall that greets visitors. From a tropical rainforest to a giant rendition of a Pac man video game, the display has entranced employees, visitors and passers by.

The screen is 106 feet long and will keep you entertained and grinning as you continue to stare.  The current display of a waterfall is the one that has garnered the most attention and you will want to open your umbrella, as it is that realistic. Sales Force Tower – 50 Fremont St.


TOP of The Mark

SF LIFE: Lobby Waterfalls, Top of the Mark, Opera in the Ballpark

I have a question for you Tomatoes. When is anything free at the Mark Hopkins? Answer, Tuesday nights in the summer where you can watch iconic movies and sample free bourbon and wine pairings.  You can check out one of the city’s best views, sip carefully selected pairings by Koval bourbon and wines from Domaine Chandon and Buena Vista. Tastings begin at 5:30pm, followed by screenings at 7:00pm.

This year’s movie line up includes: A League of Their Own, Some Like it Hot, Airplane (Mr. Tomatoes will surely want to see that one!), What’s up Doc and more. This has got to be one of the coolest freebies around. See you there! I’ll bring the popcorn.  InterContinental Mark Hopkins 999 California Street. Here’s the scoop.

Opera at AT&T Park

SF LIFE: Lobby Waterfalls, Top of the Mark, Opera in the Ballpark

If you love or even like Opera, or have always wanted to attend but the price put you off, you can head to AT&T Park on July 2nd for a free live simulcast of Carmen. A gentle foray into the art form and no elegant evening clothes required. In fact, you can munch on garlic fries, lounge under the stars and watch our fabulous SF Opera Company perform a classic favorite.

Carmen is a great selection because it is about a seductive and dangerous gypsy who captures the heart of a soldier. His all-consuming jealousy leads for a juicy, sometimes violent and shall I say it, sexual, musical extravaganza. Get the details.

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