SF LIFE: Makeovers, Ice Cream, Tour De Fat, Girls Who Code

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Ever wonder what it would be like to undergo a full fashion and beauty makeover? Wonder no more, SF’s Guerilla Makeover to the rescue. Speaking of ice cream – oh we weren’t, well we should be since the Ice Cream Museum pop up is on its way, and who doesn’t love that shivery confection. Want to get wild and wacky, Tour De Fat is back at Fort Mason for fun, fun, fun. Lastly you can see Reshma Saujani, founder of the non-profit Girls Who Code at the JCCSF this week. August is a great month to be a Tomato!

Guerilla Makeovers

SF LIFE: Makeovers, Ice Cream, Tour De Fat, Girls Who CodeFrom drab to fab, or shy to sparkling. Do you want a “What not to wear” fix? Beth Alyse, owner of Guerilla Makeovers has been changing women’s (and men’s) lives for the past decade. It’s not just about putting on a new outfit, or adding hairspray and eyeshadow. Her company teaches easy, attractive ways to help enliven your personality through the way you dress and present yourself.

Their strategies are simple and positive and each head-to-toe makeover is custom tailored to each person. Sure they handle the usual, wardrobe, grooming and skincare, but here is what makes this company different. They can work with you on social skills, presenting your best possible you in all ways. They are part therapist, part best friend, and 100% professional. As tomatoes, we may be looking for what’s next in life, and a good makeover can make the difference in moving us toward what we want to achieve in our third act! For more info: www.guerillamakeovers.com

Girls Who Code

SF LIFE: Makeovers, Ice Cream, Tour De Fat, Girls Who Code

You know how it used to be Tomatoes, if you were a math whiz, you may have been one of only a few girls in your school and since we are women of a certain age, computers were most likely not even in your wheelhouse back in the day. But since 2012, the non-profit Girls Who Code has taught computing skills to and inspired more than 40,000 girls across the U.S., working to close the gender gap in technology. Founder, Reshma Saujani will be in conversation at the JCCSF on August 24th talking about how she is changing the face of tech, one girl at a time.

Her new book, Women Who Don’t Wait in Line, should have been around when I was girl. She advocates for a new model of female leadership focused on embracing risk and failure and how women can boldly chart their own course. We know that technology keeps changing the world, and through this non profit the tomatoes of tomorrow will not be left behind! Get Tickets.

Museum of Ice Cream

SF LIFE: Makeovers, Ice Cream, Tour De Fat, Girls Who Code

Well, yes there is a museum for everything and now after our friends down south in LA and East in NYC got a taste of this delectable museum, it’s our turn. Opening next month at 1 Grant Avenue, the museum will be housed in a 108-year-old historic landmark. The architectural highlights are what drew the founder and Creative Director Maryellis Bunn to create the third museum in this iconic building. Details are a bit secretive, but apparently there will be new immersive installations, smells and flavors never seen before.

Before you get to thinking this will be a cultural experience on par with a visit to the Louvre, think again, Instagram worthy photos will abound perhaps even in a pool filled with sprinkles. Sold out tickets in NYC ensure that this will be an enormous success in our fair city. Check it out but know that details will be coming soon.

Tour De Fat

SF LIFE: Makeovers, Ice Cream, Tour De Fat, Girls Who CodeOh Tomato pals, if you enjoy a brew, high flying acts, dance and laughter, you must head to the Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason on Sunday at 4:00 p.m. Fat Tire, the American craft beer icon celebrates its 18th year throwing this party for a good cause. The ticket proceeds benefit the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council. I am a hiking enthusiast and thrilled that this council’s mission is to create a continuous 330 mile trail for hikers, cyclists and equestrians, along the ridgeline. You can even hike your way to Fort Mason where you will experience the unexpected.

There are several planned events, but people watching is supreme, and you need do nothing else. You can however, be a winner of the bike race if you are the last person to cross the finish line. Or get your groove on and enter the dance contest. Don’t want to shake your thing, you can stomp your feet in your own corner while watching the incredibly talented blues band, Vintage Trouble.  Get tickets.

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