SF LIFE: Quirky Love, Bill Nye, Greenery, Trains

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Romance, isn’t it great? Well there are ups and downs that will come to light in an unusual boy meets girl theatrical piece, Constellations, where nerd love rules. Speaking of nerds…well, I mean science enthusiasts; Bill Nye is coming to San Mateo to share his years of wisdom, and pearls from his newest book. Love indoor plants, but your thumb isn’t the right color? A local indoor plant delivery service comes to the rescue. If you want to do a little leisurely travel this fall, Amtrak’s Coast Starlight will wow you with breathtaking views up to Seattle. So long August!


SF LIFE: Quirky Love, Bill Nye, Greenery, TrainsQuirky romantic love – what more could you want from a play?  In Constellations, playing at Theatre works in Mountain View, the stars align for an unlikely couple. Roland the beekeeper and Marianne the Cambridge cosmologist prove that cosmic collision is highly possible. You know those moments where you take a turn, or visit a shop only to have your life irrevocably changed? Those moments are played out by this intelligent boy meets girl story.

In this charming play, you will experience a devastating and profound exploration of the universal truth of finding and losing love.  This is higher physics brought down to earth and actually made accessible. You will face questions about the difference between choice and destiny in this Broadway hit that comes to the bay. Honey meets higher physics – sweet and intelligent! Now through September 17th at Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts. Get the details.

Sept. 9. Bill Nye in San Mateo

SF LIFE: Quirky Love, Bill Nye, Greenery, TrainsYes Tomatoes who love science, Bill Nye, the Science Guy is coming to San Mateo. For the past 20 years (yes my kidlets watched his show), Bill Nye has been teaching television audiences about science in ways that anyone can understand. I admit that I learned a thing or two while watching him teach “kids”.

He is coming to the San Mateo Performing Arts Center on September 9th and you will delight as he calls on his legion of amateur scientists to change the world. He proclaims that even a dabbler in the science realm has it within himself or herself to change something in the world for the better. That is a concept all tomatoes can get behind! Billy Nye has done it all, from inventor to comedian and of course engineer. He is also the author of a new book “Everything All at once”. His latest book contains a wealth of advice to motivate people to stand up for the beliefs they consider the most important. One night only – so go get your science geek on!

Plant Delivery

SF LIFE: Quirky Love, Bill Nye, Greenery, TrainsI don’t know about you, but this Tomato has not had a lot of success with indoor plants, or outdoor for that matter. However, I love the look of a real plant, knowing I am contributing to bettering the oxygen in my home and knowing I have a connection to the natural world. There is a local company called Leon & George and they are passionate about bringing nature and beauty into more outdoor spaces. They believe greenery is integral to human happiness (it’s why I live in a house in the trees!). These folks help you decide what plant will work best in your environment depending on how much light you have, how much time you can devote to its care etc. They deliver them and give you assistance on how to take care of them. Everyone can have a green thumb this way.

Now, this is not your typical florist plant, we are talking everything from small table top peace lily plants to 7 feet fiddle leaf fig trees. There is free delivery for all plants in San Francisco, you get expert care advice through email, the plants are guaranteed for 30 days and for every purchase a tree is planted in a US forest. What a wonderful way to bring the outside in! Get your greenery here.

Coast Starlight

SF LIFE: Quirky Love, Bill Nye, Greenery, Trains

Train travel had its heyday before the ease of flying made getting coast to coast in 5 hours a speedier way to traverse the country. Amtrak still has some incredible train adventures. If you are looking for a fun fall getaway and have a spare few days, you can travel between Los Angeles and Seattle on the Coast Starlight. The scenery along the route is supposed to be unsurpassed. You get to see the Cascade Range and Mount Shasta then head to lush forests and view long stretches of our Pacific Ocean shoreline.

They have a sightseer lounge car where the seats face the windows and you can gaze at the majestic beauty in front of you. There are superliner sleeping and dining car accommodations and they boast that coach seats have plenty of legroom. If you opt for business class you can even join a wine & cheese tasting and receive other benefits. This way of travel is for those with time on their hands, but more comfortable and luxurious certainly than the cattle car planes we are so used to. Get the details.


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