SF LIFE: Rooftop Bars, Jazz, Eye Wear

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Hey Tomatoes, hope you had a whiz, bam, pow of a 4th celebration. And now, the many friends across the world come and visit right?  Found some great rooftop bars you, and your guests will love. Filmore Jazz fest is a comin, ready, set, enjoy. Buying glasses online – it can be done with technology and a company created by a local tomato.

Roof Top Fun

Step off the San Francisco Proper Hotel elevator and straight into the playfully opulent atmosphere of Charmaine’s. Perched 120 feet above the hustle and bustle of Market Street, this indoor/outdoor escape boasts a glittering backdrop of city lights and a dazzling array of cocktails to match it. The creative bartenders can mix something up to please any palate, whether you’re in the mood for a quirky concoction or a classic Old Fashioned. The snack selection fits right in with Charmaine’s luxe-yet-cheeky theme.

For more lofty libations, head over to the new Virgin Hotel’s high-flying rooftop bar, Everdene. This rooftop terrace offers a fresh perspective on the San Francisco skyline at just 12 stories high. Expect breathtaking city views with a lush outdoor garden and luxurious indoor salon. On the menu, find creative signature cocktails (including large-format versions for groups) such as Love, Honor and Betrayal, made with gin, apricot, lemon juice, lavender and sparkling wine.

Jones is only on the second story, but trust us, you won’t mind. Enter through the wrought iron gates (they’re easy to miss), scale the stairs, and emerge onto an open-air terrace decked with string lights and palms. This raucous Tenderloin bar is a scene-y happy hour spot, thanks to the ample seating and—count ‘em—three bars. The perch affords views of FiDi, the Transamerica Pyramid, and the TL below. There’s an all-around arty vibe, from the glowing neon signs (“Eye Changed My Mind,” reads one; “Take It Outside” says another) to the surrounding murals.

Oeste is an intimate and warm cafe with a cozy rooftop bar in Old Oakland.Featuring one of the East Bay’s few quality rooftop bars.  The inviting inside space is lit by warmly glowing chandeliers hung from exposed wooden beams. Outside, cushioned couches and greenery make the patio feel like home. The menu is a mix of latino and southern cuisines, with large and small plates of tasty bites like tacos and mac n’ cheese with smoked cheddar and green onions. Gotta love the generous happy hour – which runs from 11am to 7pm daily .

July 6-7. Fillmore Jazz Festival

Blending art and soul in one of the country’s most unique neighborhoods, the Fillmore Jazz Festival is the largest free Jazz festival on the West Coast, coming up this weekend. From sunup to sundown, visitors can groove to the sounds of live music from multiple stages, browse the offerings of over 12 blocks of fine art and crafts and enjoy gourmet food and beverages.

Asian to Cajun, paintings to pottery, old favorites and new directions, the Fillmore Jazz Festival is one of our favorites. It’s a great time to wander Fillmore street, check out all the new stores (opening all the time), feast and fete with old and new friends. Tap your feet to your favorite bay area musicians as you sip and dine. 

Flutter Eyewear + Discount Offer

Part of becoming a Tomato often involves adding a new fashion accessory to our wardrobe. I’m talking about glasses. It’s a fact that reading menus in dim light, staring at computer screens – all necessitate popping on a pair of peepers. I say stay away from the drugstore for those special glasses – and head to flutter eyewear, an online eyewear store. Flutter reading glasses are little personalities just waiting to be put on. With their adorable frames, you can slip on a whole new image. Flutter reading glasses can be instant sex appeal or instant stature or instant glamour, depending upon your mood. Coolest thing is that the reading glasses are fun to buy.

Flutter infuses a low technology product with high technology to enhance the buying experience. The “vision” was to create a website that offers our own elegant and affordable collection of reading glasses filter-able for different face shapes and sizes. Using the latest high and low-technology tools, you will know exactly which pair of glasses works best. By uploading a photograph, you can virtually try-on any pair. By cutting out the paper-doll version, you can try on a tangible pair.  AND, Tomatoes will receive a special discount of 15% from today through the 31st with the promo code TOMATOES. Jeepers creepers – what are you waiting for?


  • Kim Selby, the SF life editor of The Three Tomatoes, is your gal for info on what’s hot and happening in the beautiful bay area. Having lived on the Left Coast for 27 years, after almost a decade in NYC, she has explored and continues to have adventures all over the San Francisco area. Passionate about fashion, formerly with GLAMOUR magazine and Fashion Director at Saks Fifth Avenue , Palo Alto, Kim produced fashion shows in the bay area for over 20 years. She now creates events to empower, delight and inspire women, aka “Tomatoes”. Learn more about Kim at www.kim-selby.com

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