SF LIFE: Spa Life, Theatre, Fashion, Ocean Films

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The Three Tomatoes Renewal Summit

Ready to rejuvenate tomatoes? Well, one way is through our renewal summit on May 1st – PLEASE JOIN US IN NYC! Another local way to invigorate, or rest or spa yourself is with the new Canyon Ranch in Woodside – wow. It’s a great place for a healing retreat which is the topic of this week’s Happy Hour Podcast.  Some fun theatre finds about remarkable women are coming. We may not be NYC or Paris when it comes to fashion, but we have our own take on it at Fashion Community week. Let’s save our oceans – and the International Ocean Film fest hopes to do that one film at a time.

Recharge at Canyon Ranch

SF LIFE: Spa Life, Theatre, Fashion, Ocean Films

Tomatoes, do you need a respite from your daily routine? Ok, silly question – who doesn’t? I know everyone reading has heard of the popular and relaxing Canyon Ranch, but did you know that they have a new property in our backyard? Woodside is host to this spectacular spa. Set among the hills and forests, they bring their more than 40 years of experience to this wellness retreat in the woods. From guest speaker retreats to one-day spa experiences, there is no shortage of opportunities for self-care.

SF LIFE: Spa Life, Theatre, Fashion, Ocean Films

March 15 – 19th journey to the woods for a brain recharge retreat. Guest experts include Dr. Heidi Hanna, the CEO of Synergy Brain Fitness and Dr. Evian Gordon CEO of Total brain.  In addition to being inspired and engaged you will also have a chance to take advantage of the variety of offerings at Canyon Ranch. Invigorating hikes, cycling and yoga will get your sweat on. Then sink into a sea salt massage and share a healthy meal. Perhaps you can fit in meditation in the redwoods. The rooms are sanctuaries that may be just a few miles from you home but are a haven of escape. There is a glass-clad tree house lofted into a canopy of trees along with retreat rooms in the main lodge. Luxury at your fingertips. https://www.canyonranch.com/woodside/

Are you feeling physically and emotionally stressed? Have you put your health and your wellbeing on a back burner? Maybe it’s time for a healing vacation which is the hottest travel trend. Listen in to this week’s podcast with ANNE BIGING, CEO of Healing Hotels of the World. Listen in here or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Theatre and Women

Two new theatrical productions featuring women are on the horizon. They Promised Her The Moon arrives at Theatre Works in Mountain View on March 4th.  And Real Women Have Curves opens March 17th at the San Francisco Playhouse.

SF LIFE: Spa Life, Theatre, Fashion, Ocean Films

They Promised Her The Moon chronicles the incredible true story of Jerrie Cobb, a woman who dreamt of stars, only to wake in a country that couldn’t see the light. 1962 is the year and astronauts are circling the heavens and a world record-holding pilot stands ready to join them, forever altering the course of history. But will America let her. Get details.

SF LIFE: Spa Life, Theatre, Fashion, Ocean Films

Josefina Lopez’s coming of age hit makes its way to the San Francisco Playhouse. In Real Women Have Curves, Ana has big dreams of going to college, but there’s one thing getting in her way, her family’s small clothing factory. With the fear of deportation looming over their Latina community, Ana begins to talk to her family members and fellow factory workers. Beginning to discover unknown facts about their life, their loves and fears Ana begins to realize they’re not as different as she first thought…

Exploring the Latina immigrant experience, this show celebrates women’s bodies in all their various shapes and sizes! A truly inspiring, and timely, piece. Get the details.

Fashion Community Week

SF LIFE: Spa Life, Theatre, Fashion, Ocean Films

Let your inner fashionista out to experience San Francisco’s Fashion Community Week. Friday March 6th get ready for an evening of intrigue and style where you can experience “One of a kind” & “Pret-a-Porter” collections at The Clift Royal Sonesta hotel. Social hour, VIP reception and a Fashion show that will feature one of a kind designs followed by a celebration after party with live music.

The next night, experience brand new international Designers and their collections, which will be shown for the first time in San Francisco at The Fairmont Hotel.  Fashion Community Week is a non-profit organization focused on providing a platform for Fashion, Beauty and Technology industries to showcase products. Proceeds will benefit a local charity whose name will be disclosed during the shows. Get the details.

March 12-15. Ocean Film Fest

Climate change is a topic of conversation at every tomato gathering these days. Saving the oceans is of vital importance and the International Ocean Film Festival’s mission is to save our oceans one film at a time. At the Cowell Theater at Fort Mason, the San Rafael Film Center and the Roxie Theater, important ocean themed films from around the world will be screened. Largely unavailable to the general public, the films will entertain, educate and encourage active participation in ocean conservation.

Films vary in length from one minute to 88 minutes and each program has varied films. From Sharks, to surfing, to the Mystery of the Humpback Whale Song, the films will appeal to everyone. On the closing day of the fest middle and high school student finalists in the IOFF competition screen their films in a free program. Dive in, participate and learn! Get the details.

May 1. Join Me at the Renewal Summit

This all-day event will focus on health, wellness, beauty and more in midlife and beyond. I’ll be moderating a panel on “Aging Backwards,” and who doesn’t want to do that? We have a block of hotel rooms reserved at a special rate, and if you sign up for the event by March 6th you’ll save $15

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