SF Life: Sunday Stroll, Annie Liebovitz, Tree Houses, Colette Uncensored

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Hey Gal Pals, it’s Spring and time to explore areas of SF that may be unfamiliar to you, Sunday streets is back where we can walk, bike and discover new shops, places to wine and dine and chat with other strolling tomatoes. Annie Liebovitz (San Francisco Art Institute alum) has a brilliant new exhibit on display in the Presidio. Ready to get away and chill? Try a tree house. Lastly one-woman show Colette Uncensored profiles famed GIGI author.

 Now through November.  Sunday Streets

SF Life: Sunday Stroll, Annie Liebovitz, Tree Houses, Colette Uncensored

Last fall, my husband and I rented bikes in the city (we love biking and exploring) and much to our delight stumbled upon a closed Embarcadero for Sunday Streets. What a delight and an adventure. When do you ever see the Embarcadero devoid of auto traffic? We had so much fun biking, walking, eating, meandering and now Sunday Streets is back.

Beginning this Sunday through October different neighborhoods will be closed once a month on Sundays from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. Sunday streets originated in Colombia as a day of free, healthy activities promoting community. It has been in SF since 2008, and enjoyed by a variety of cities nationwide. The goal is to increase opportunities for physical activity and community in urban areas. I just think it’s fun! Get calendar and event information.

Thru April 17. Annie Liebovitz
SF Life: Sunday Stroll, Annie Liebovitz, Tree Houses, Colette Uncensored

Head to the Presidio for Annie Leiboviz’s new exhibit, WOMEN: New Portraits.  Annie Leibovitz, if you are not familiar, has been documenting pop culture since the early 1970’s, when she began her career as a photojournalist for Rolling Stone. She is the consummate tomato. For the past 40 years she has created some of the best-known portraits of our time. Controversial at times (Kim and Kanye’s Vogue cover), but primarily a visionary and ultimate creative artist.

Her recent exhibit is entitled WOMEN: New Portraits. Her earlier project (1990’s) “WOMEN”, which documented real women and their roles in society, led to this newest exhibit showcasing how women have changed in the last twenty years, and the powerful new roles they have assumed in pop culture and society. The showcased women vary in age, race and career field. Their one common feature is that they’re badasses. Sheryl Sandberg, Alice Waters and Gloria Steinem are among the tomatoes featured. And, it’s FREE! Get the details.

 Tree House Getaways

SF Life: Sunday Stroll, Annie Liebovitz, Tree Houses, Colette Uncensored

If you always wanted to have a tree house in your backyard, but your Pop wasn’t up to building one, you can re-visit that dream in one of the following three Airbnb properties.

Bohemian Charm in Wine Country

Located in rural Petaluma, this treehouse is nestled 30 feet up a 110-foot Eucalyptus tree and features a stunning deck perfect for enjoying the sunset while sipping a glass of wine. The two-acre property, Swallowtail Studios, used to function as a glass blowing cooperative in the ’70s, and the large redwood barn on site once hosted the Grateful Dead. It now houses, not one, but two charming treehouses as well as a cottage, each with artistic touches such as stained glass windows and woodsy décor. Book here.

 Ocean-view Surf home in Aptos

This quiet house has a full kitchen and three bedrooms. The house is situated just above the tree line, so it also has a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. It’s secluded, quiet, and comfortable, but you certainly won’t be roughing it: heat, Internet, and cable are included. Just seven minutes from the beach and 15 minutes to Santa Cruz, it’s perfect for catching a few waves.  Book here.  

Serene Treehouse overlooking the Bay

Just 15 minutes outside of San Francisco, this hidden gem in Burlingame is perfect for a night away from the city. Enjoy a candle-lit dinner or breakfast (provided by the hosts) on the deck that overlooks the bay. Since you won’t have a full kitchen, plan on ordering pizza (they’ll deliver right to the treehouse).  Book here


This one-woman show at The Marsh, is about the trailblazing French novelist Colette, the Nobel Prize-winning author of Cheri, Duo and most famously, Gigi, which became that lovely 1958 film. Colette was an environmentalist and ardent feminist, and had an “oh my” scandalous amount of love affairs with both women and men. Therefore, she became a willing enemy of polite society – a tomato before her time!  Lorri Holt brings Colette to life on stage, and provides an overview of the writer’s life in an intimate theatre setting while displaying her extraordinary gifts for storytelling, social commentary and humor. Get the details.

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