SF LIFE: Year of The Dog, Yappy Hour, Bananarama. Photo Fair

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The year of the dog is upon us and officially starts today. Check out the festivities surrounding the lunar New Year in our city that celebrates in a big way. The San Francisco SPCA has a Pop Up in the Embarcadero, calling all cat and dog lovers! Bananarama – that 80’s lady’s legendary band is coming our way, and the international art fair devoted to photographs illuminates the walls of Fort Mason. Gong Hei Fat Choy, Tomatoes which actually means may you have a prosperous year ahead, so let’s go for it!

Celebrating the Chinese New Year

SF LIFE: Year of The Dog, Yappy Hour, Bananarama. Photo Fair

The Chinese New Year brings us the year of the dog in 2018, and if you were born in the Year of the Dog, you possess the best traits of human nature; honesty, friendliness, loyalty and more noteworthy qualities. Tomatoes born in 1946, 1958 and 1970, I’m talking to you!

The big SF Celebration culminates in one of the United States’ grandest and most illuminated parades (since the 1860’s I might add!) This year’s parade starts on 2nd and Market and as usual the crowds will be thick, so arriving as early as 3:30 is recommended for best viewing. The parade saunters and shines from 6 – 8 p.m. and the elaborate costumes, ferocious lions and the spectacular 268 foot Golden Dragon are crowd favorites. You might want to bring earphones as the cacophony of firecrackers will send a jolt through your body! chineseparade.com.

SF LIFE: Year of The Dog, Yappy Hour, Bananarama. Photo Fair

However, if you choose to celebrate another way, you can always head to The Asian Art Museum on the 18th to ring in the New Year with talented dancers, musicians and storytellers. Whichever way you choose to ring in the year of the Dog, you must admit the Chinese New Year comes in with a bang!

Feb. 23-25. Photofair

SF LIFE: Year of The Dog, Yappy Hour, Bananarama. Photo Fair

The photos featured at the Photo Fair certainly are worth thousands of words. International photos grace the walls and halls of Fort Mason Center. This fair takes place in London, Shanghai and San Francisco and you can be assured these are truly unique works of art for viewing or purchase. The fair also raises funds to add photographic works to the SF MOMA’s permanent collection.

In order to truly take advantage of this exhibit, it might be worthwhile to experience Conversations, a public program that brings together international figures from the art world to open up the conversation around current trends in contemporary photography and collecting. The conversations are led by art world experts, artists, curators and collectors in a dynamic program of talks and panels. One fascinating program is The Poetry of Silence: Meditation, Elegance and Photography. Get the details.

Now-Feb. 28. Woof, Meow And “Oh You Are So Cute”

SF LIFE: Year of The Dog, Yappy Hour, Bananarama. Photo Fair

Those are the sounds heard at the SFSPCA’s Pop Up in the Embarcadero. Cats and Dogs up for adoption will be looking for their forever homes, but will take strokes of love from anyone. You can experience cuddles and cuteness while sipping a cappuccino. Head over to “yappy hour” featuring wine, beer and serious cuteness from 4:30 – 6:30 on February 22nd. Or every day from 11 – 7 the cat café and cuddles provide a better pick me up than caffeine alone.

While you are there petting and trying not to adopt yet another pet, you can enjoy the Cone of Shame Art Gallery and chat with other animal lovers. If you find your next “family member” you can join the SFSPCA for Puppy Parent Orientation on the 20th from 12:30 – 1:30 or New Dog 101 on the 27th from 5 – 6 p.m. Check the website too for yoga with furry friends.  http://popup.sfspca.org

Feb. 21. Bananarama at the Warfield

SF LIFE: Year of The Dog, Yappy Hour, Bananarama. Photo Fair

Fabulous “now” Tomato female band Bananarama is on tour for the very first time ever. They sky rocketed to fame 35 years ago with their hits  “Cruel Summer” and “Love in the First Degree”. We get the pleasure of witnessing this return at The Warfield.  This is literally their very first tour.

Such a great back story as they were definitely not a manufactured band. Sara and Karen were childhood friends and met Siobhan when Sara and Siobhan studied journalism at the London College of Fashion. Keren was working at the BBC and they were nearly kicked out of the YWCA for keeping late hours. In a fortunate twist they ended up staying above the Sex Pistols old rehearsal room and the pieces fell into place.

These women were fabulous then and are even more exquisite now. Two years ago they were sipping wine together, dancing in the kitchen and came up with the idea for this first tour. More fabulous women proving you are “never too old”. These Tomatoes are glamorous and even more fabulous than they were three decades ago. Yup, women over a certain age – WE ROCK!  Thewarfieldtheatre.com



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