Simple, Beautiful Things: Inspired by the Royal Wedding

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If you look around, you may notice the abundance of messages urging you to keep up with the current fashion trends. Billboards, magazines, and online ads are quick to remind you that you’re always a bit behind the style curve. But the looks of the moment may not always be the ones that make you shine—in fact, some trends can be difficult to wear off the runway. That’s why you should always remember that when it comes to choosing what to wear, simplicity is often best.

The recent royal wedding was a great reminder of this philosophy. Meghan Markle truly sparkled in an elegant yet understated Givenchy gown and veil. Following the ceremony, she changed into an exquisite Stella McCartney dress. Neither gown was over-the-top glamorous or flashy, yet each look was a picture of perfection. The lesson of course is, when in doubt, stick to timeless style, and you can’t go wrong. Keep reading for a checklist of fashion and lifestyle tips to help you channel your inner duchess and look timeless, chic, and elegant every day.

A no-frills white dress.

Simple, Beautiful Things: Inspired by the Royal Wedding

Dress from Nordstrom.

A simple white dress never goes out of style, and now that women embrace white clothing year-round, you can enjoy wearing an LWD (little white dress) any time you wish. In spring and summer, pair a lightweight white or cream-colored frock with crystal jewelry and neutral or white sandals. In the winter, wear a snowy sweater dress with pewter or muted metallic heels or boots for a cooler look.

A crisp tee shirt.

Simple, Beautiful Things: Inspired by the Royal Wedding

Tee Shirt from Uniglo.

A nice tee shirt in a solid color can work in a variety of ways. And as long as it is made of high-quality fabric and fits you well, you should be able to enjoy it for years. For example, you can pair it with a skirt or shorts to stay cool on vacation in a hot location. In the fall, wear it with a pair of jeans, ankle booties, and a cardigan sweater. You can even wear it to work by styling it with a sleek pair of trousers and bold accessories.

Nude heels.

Simple, Beautiful Things: Inspired by the Royal Wedding

Shoes from Nordstrom.

A nude pair of heels is not just beautiful—it’s also a wardrobe workhorse. First, they go with practically everything you own. Whether you’re wearing them with a dressy dress, or pairing them with more casual pieces like jeans, shorts, or a jumpsuit, they offer just the right amount of polish to your outfit. Nude heels are also a good neutral option when your ensemble is on the busy side. When shopping for nude heels, go with a classic pair without too many trendy embellishments; that way, you’ll be able to wear them for years to come.

Gold or silver hoop earrings.

Simple, Beautiful Things: Inspired by the Royal Wedding

Earrings from Bloomingdales.

Your earrings don’t have to be dangling or blinding to make a show-stopping statement. No matter your outfit, a gold or silver hoop earring will give you a refined yet understated look. You can wear them to practically any event, whether you’re headed off to work, to brunch, or to a dinner party. And because they are timelessly classic, a single pair of hoop earrings can last you a lifetime.

A fabulous hat. A hat isn’t just a great way to top off your outfit—it’s also a practical way to stay protected from the elements. A great brimmed hat or fedora provides necessary shade for sunny summer days. And in the winter, a stylish beret or woolen cap keeps you cozy in rain, wind, or snow.

 Natural-looking makeup.

Simple, Beautiful Things: Inspired by the Royal Wedding

Makeup from Giorio Armani

There’s no need to hide your face beneath layers of heavy makeup. Instead, allow your natural beauty to shine through! Often a touch of lightweight foundation, a swipe of mascara, and a dab of lip gloss is all you need to accentuate your inner glow. And if you do opt for heavier makeup for a special event, do keep in mind that less is usually best.

 A warm smile. Perhaps the greatest and loveliest accessory of all is a friendly, open, and welcoming smile. Remember that your face is the first thing people notice when they meet you, so open your heart and let your light shine with the warmest of smiles.  

A ritual that feeds your soul. Want to get more joy out of life? Then create your own “traditions” to help you make the most of each day. Enjoy a cup of tea served in your good china. Make time to write in a journal every morning or occasionally savor a glass of wine with dinner. Treat your home to an arrangement of freshly cut flowers each week. These small rituals will bring you comfort and can be the perfect antidote to everyday stress.

If you feel exhausted and overwhelmed from trying to keep up with ever-changing trends (when you don’t absolutely love them, that is), take a cue from the royal wedding and embrace simple and classic styles that never go out of fashion. As long as you stick to high-quality fabrics, clean silhouettes, and timeless looks, you’ll always look and feel like royalty.

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