Six Really Useful Products

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Are you always rummaging through your makeup bag? Do you have rugs you trip over? Would you like to display the photos from your phone on your wall? Well, there are products for those situations and others too. So read on for these six really useful products.

 Makeup Organizer Bag

If you’re always rummaging through your cosmetic bag, you will love this one. Just open the draw string fully, and lies flat to reveal all your makeup. Amazon $26.95

The Travel Power Strip

How many times have you traveled and the room you’re in doesn’t have enough outlets for your devices? We this strip comes with two surge-protected outlets for plugging in cords, and it has four USB ports so you charge your phone directly with a cube. Amazon $15.99.

Rug Grippers

Rugs that move are just waiting for an accident to happen. Get the 4-piece non-slip rug gripped that is also washable. Keeps your rug from curling and in place.  Amazon $11.99

Handheld Garment Steamer

This is the bestselling garment steamer on Amazon with over 24,000 excellent reviews. Detachable 8.79-ounce water tank for 15 minutes of continuous steaming to remove wrinkles perfectly.  No leaking, no spilling with leak-proof design enables to steam whether vertically or horizontally. Amazon $32.97.

Refrigerator Side Door Organizer

This is a great idea. This little organizer bag clips onto the side door to store small objects. Amazon. $29.99

Display Your Photos

Get your favorite photos off your phone and onto your wall. Get these picture frame set of 5, in 8×10 or 5×7 (with mats.) Amazon $22.99



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