Stunning in Statement Jackets

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Stunning in Statement Jackets

We happened to catch actresses Lynda Carter (66 years old) and Sigourney Weaver (68) interviewed recently on talk shows.  Beyond being stunningly beautiful, smart, and classy Tomatoes, each wore a fabulous statement jacket.  Inspired by their style, we went on the hunt for statement jackets. Here are few that might inspire you too.

Black & White Tuxedo Jacket

Stunning in Statement JacketsDress up any outfit is to throw on this chic celebrity inspired jacket. simple way to look fancy! $39.99 Amazon.

Floral Jacquard Jacket

Stunning in Statement JacketsOne button front, bracelet sleeves, and we love the back with the longer rounded hem. $138.25 – $145.00 Amazon.

Monet Print Jacket

Stunning in Statement JacketsLove this classy jacket in this beautiful print, with a stand-up collar. $139.95 Amazon.

Cobalt Black & White Stripped Jacket

Stunning in Statement JacketsThis amazingly versatile jacket will get plenty of play in your wardrobe. $149 Chicos.

Floral Bomber Jacket

Stunning in Statement JacketsDress it up or down, with this beautiful floral bomber jacket.  An exclusive from Bloomingdales. $209.

Lafayette 148 New York

Stunning in Statement JacketsThe Jasmine Jacket, fitted and elegant. $598 Saks Fifth Avenue.


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