Style – It’s in the Little Details

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Sometimes, actually pretty much always, it’s the small styling detail that makes a big difference and today’s tips is all about corners.

So now that you saw and heard me tell you to avoid squared corners, I’m going to slightly contradict myself as you can see here that my wonderful client is wearing a squared corner jacket in her after photo.

She’s wearing an outfit I created for her using the clothes she purchased from our shopping trip where I must say I found some incredible deals and fabulous wardrobe building pieces.

And yes, her new jacket has squared corners and here’s why it and everything else she’s wearing is perfect on her:

1.This jacket is meant only to be worn open on her and since it hangs straight down it’s an instant middle minimizer.

2. The bracelet sleeve length is another secret, shhh, way to minimize the middle and visually lengthen the body.

3. Full vs ankle length pants are typically more slimming.

4. Wearing a top under a jacket untucked.

5. This neckline is much more flattering on her than the low and wide one in her before outfit.

6. Wearing the same color from top to bottom is always a slimming and lengthening trick yet this after outfit proves you don’t have to be in only dark colors from head to toe to look look slimmer and stylish.

Style – It’s in the Little Details

These are all great examples of how small tweaks transform an outfit and when you know what to look for you’ll stop being so square.

Scarlet says, “I’m not a Fashionista but am a personal stylist and shopper with a passion of helping you love how you look with the body you have right now.”

I work with women of all shapes and sizes both in-person and virtually. I can take you shopping or create a fabulous outfit from what you already own. And we have a whole lot of fun doing it!

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