Style Tips: Think Like Goldilocks

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Sometimes living in a fairy tale can be a good thing.

I’ll use the story of Goldilocks and The Three Bears as an example of how a woman should shop for clothes. Okay, so stick with me here on my philosophy. Remember how she tried everything three times, till she found what was “just right”?

How about you use the same thought process when trying on clothes?

Looking for a pair of jeans or some other pieces of clothing? How about trying on 3 different sizes and/or styles.

Think Like Goldilocks and Get the Perfect Fit

If something fits a bit too tight…it isn’t just right.

If something fits a bit too big…it isn’t just right.

If something fits you just right…it is just right for you.

Stop buying clothes in the size you used to be or plan on being, or buying oversized clothes thinking you’ll look smaller. Too tight and too big only accomplishes making you look bigger than you are.

Nobody wants to look bigger.

We want to look just right.

So stop wasting your money on clothes that end up hanging in your closet unworn and unloved, and start thinking like Goldilocks, and only buy what’s just right.

If you’re looking for the tips and tricks to help you choose what’s just right for you, check out my on-line course Stress Free Style System, “How To Build A Wardrobe You’ll Love On The Budget You Have”.





  • Scarlett DeBease, Professional Image Consultant and Wardrobe Stylist, is the founder of “The Always Know What To Wear Program™“. As an Image Consultant, Speaker & Savvy Personal Shopper, she shows women how to project confidence & success by always knowing what to wear. As a bonus, Scarlett’s tips will help you Look Younger, Thinner and Taller while projecting Confidence & Success as you now will be wearing the clothes that fit and flatter you the most. Scarlett believes women deserve Real-Overs, not makeovers. Visit her at:

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